Welcome Aboard to Srinath from Manchester who is here to learn to skydive with us. Although Srinath started a skydiving course a number of years ago it served only at the time to wet his appetite. We were delighted to be a part of his return to the sport

Kamil joined us recently to complete the beginners skydiving course . He is also from Manchester and though , like most of our clients a newcomer to the sport of skydiving he took to it like a duck to water and finished the course in a few days before getting into his consolidation jumps.

Adrian is doing great and is alternating between birdman with Paula and freefly with Danny ( who is feeling freshly minted after his recent world cup gold )

Kamilla is going great guns through her 200 jump tickets preparing for her license and also undertaking the formation skydiving for beginners ( FS1 ) course.

Chris Davies just passed his WS1 boogie style and is already tearing out new vapour trails over the skies of Madrid on a bigger wing. Flocking next.. bird is the word. ..

Chris is quickly followed by Anne into WS1 training .. she is trying her new toy today, one of our Phoenix fly tracking suits which is the intermediate suit to get your skills up to speed for the full wing.. Bird is the word! Birdman especially in the early days is about building on your tracking skills without wings and then putting progressively larger wings on.


Pedro leads the charge to try out one of our new table tennis tables ( where is the table tennis ball .. answers on a postcard ) . We have 2 cafes on the dropzone and of course the hotel restaurant. We have a recreation room also for students with free wifi and plugin cable also. We are in the process of putting in a second floor in the packing hall  which will double available space.


Louise Burrell from Scotland who joins us to learn to skydive.  Loiuse is no stranger to action  and im sure her colleagues back home will be delighted to hear she is doing just great on the freefall course.

Luke Maddison from Dorset in England joined us to learn to skydive. Luke is going from the sea to the sky as he  works as a professional diver.

Welcome back to Neil Bate who after graduating the AFF programme with us two years ago. He  makes regular trips out to us from London as we are his home dropzone. He has done practically all his skydiving here , a growing trend for our graduates.

Zelem joined  us from London to learn to skydive.  He only had a few days to spare so didnt book for week that would be typical and while a shorter stay did give less “wiggle room” in terms of time any concerns over it proved totally unfounded. Working 1:1 with Mike his instructor he finished the AFF course in two days and has most of his 15 consolidation jumps ( solo skydives ) done with 2 days to spare.

We love Birdman if you hadnt guessed :) Not only do we offer 1:1  coaching both for complete beginners and those wishing to take their flying to the next level but we offer specific workshops for groups who  assuming they have the basic course completed ( WS1) wish to take it to the next level in terms of flocking. Choca block with practical tips are camps are becoming a real hit and are held on average once a week.

Chris Ward joined us to learn to skydive also and is pictured here with Darren and Mike. Hes making rapid progress on the  advanced skydiving course.

Scott Stephen learned to skydive elsewhere about 2 years ago but didnt keep up the sport. Often people ask us what is required to ” re certify ” after a long break   often with lower jump numbers . The reality is it varies depending on time and number of jumps so its hard to give a definative answer but in Scotts case we did a refresh ground school reviewing equipment , freefall procedures  , emergency procedures , canopy control and safety. After this a jump with an accelerated freefall instructor was undertaken and Scott was re certified to skydive solo. Welcome back to the sport Scott and thanks for your confidence in choosing us.