Congratulations to Kamila  she finished her AFF Course this week. She decided  to  ” go for it ”  in style , while sipping on a lightly fizzy zumo de naranja it  was decided with no turning back. She sent a message home saying ”dont put on the kettle staying  ” and purchased 200 jump tickets. Nice. Reminds me of a certain young Mr. Tropicana who equally smitten by skydiving instructed his dz pals to say ” hes not  here ” to anybody that enquired as to his wherabouts.. congratulations Kamila and welcome to the world of skydiving.

Welcome back to Chris Davis who trained on AFF with the Freefall University some time ago. On this visit he is  completing our wingsuit course , WS1 .. Starting off with our introductory  suits hes being going supersonic and will soon move to the big wings

Nick ” the right stuff ” Shuttleworth is getting through his consol jumps after completing his AFF course. He did 3 consols after completing his level 7.

On his first consol hes decided to pull out the big moves and get into turning on the hill , an advanced move normally reserved for champion skydivers. Turning on a sub terminal wind flow without having gained earth reference after acceleration is ,,, well .. difficult .

A portion of the accelerated freefall training programme is devoted to intentionally creating ” instability ” .. frozen in time here Nick is going over the top in a back loop. Once rotated360 degrees its alti check   , recover belly to earth and hold heading.

And Boom there it is , the boxman position ..nice.


“He tracks like a bullet ” his camerawoman said , a track is practiced on the course and in some consolidation jump exercises .. its a vital skill to have for later on when you begin to skydive with other people as in a planned fashion you gotta go to your own quarter of the sky to avoid opening your parachutes in the same place.

Welcome to Martin Ballatchet From London who has joined us to complete the accelerated freefall course.  Martin will be jumping with Mike.

Joe and Anne are preparing for wingsuit training by brushing up some tracking together. . . Joe learned to skydive with the Freefall Uni some time ago and has been back several times since. She is either going all super sonic and over the skies of Madrid or in Headcorn Parachute club in the UK. Wingsuit 1 or WS1 next .

Welcome to Brad Clark from Kent in england  he  arrived yesterday night to complete his skydiving course . He will do his ground school today  and probably his first jump later today.