Welcome  and thanks you for confidence in choosing us for your aff training Nick. Nick Shuttleworth is seen here going through equipment check procedures with his his instructor in advance of his Accelerated freefall Level one skydive.

Crack on John! Accelerated freefall  Course and 15 consolidation skydives completed in just 5  days ..nice !

And  also Craig . who has just two jumps  less than his friend John… you guys gotta go home to London with the same number of skydives each…

Way to go Ewa from Poland! Ewa  did her wing suit course last month and ordered her new ” Shadow ” wingsuit and is back now with in training with us for next years competitions. Perhaps she is inspired by our resident wingsuit  team who are current world champions in acrobatics having blazed their way to first place in recent world cup in Gap. If  you would like to try wingsuit out or need coaching get in touch.

Kamila is on her level 4 today with Mike. And is  getting through the course at a nice pace . At some point in the course , I guess what you would call a sense of ,, erm .. apprehension is replaced by a sense of anticipation and fun ( although its still natural to feel the tingle of nerves .. this in our view is a good thing )  Kamilas level 3 release was clearly that point check out that Grin !

Motte Bella ! Welcome back to our dropzone Bella. Bella  was on an AFF skydiving holiday with us a few weeks back and is now back for some more fun jumping. Great to have you.

And Joe also has returned for some more skydiving with us in the Madrid
sunshine. Awesome.

Siesta time! Adrenaline does take it out of you though! In talking to
our students on the phone before they get here in helping them make accomodation
arrangements I generally tell them them that skydiving will tire one out such that you would sleep on a bed of nails. In this case Kamilla has chosen a corner of our carpeted hanger.  Adrenalin / endorpins you gotta love it.