September Sunshine

Steven Marlow, John McConville, Craig Hiller, Dennis and Saul Whitford, FFU
graduated this week. They completed the accelerated freefall course in Spain
and at least 1o consolidation or solo  skydives each.

straight into ground school 1:1

Welcome to Kamila Rurarz whos dream it has been to learn to skydive
for quite some time. She arrived and go straight into her ground school
with Darren.

accuracy man

Dennis how many times have you been back now ? Dennis is doing great
stuff with his accuracy under canopy.  While our landing area counts
somewhere in the region of 30 kilometers squared our aim is to coach
students on progression to land within 15 meters of target although
a longer walk should always take precedent over an ” unstabilized approach ”
In any event Dennis has cracked it.