Congratulations to Robert,  he chuffed with himself having complieted
full AFF Course and  his consolidation jumps and more  in  just one week.

Ellie , congratulations on becoming a qualified skydiver . She has  completed the
accelerated freefall course and the 10 consolidation jumps. Formation Skydiving

Thomas Moran also finished his course and consols in just a week, he is
doing his CH1 today.

Welcome back to Etienne from Malta, he dis his course last year and is back for
fun jumping with his friend Chris.

There is a steady and higly satisfying stram of  former students coming back
for our advanced courses. Petri,  who learned to skydive with us last year
graduated last year have now  his  own rig now and is learning to  Freefly.

Mike and Darren, 2 FFU  advanced instructors are big  into wing suits
as well:-) They been getting up to a lot of acrobatic stuff. Tell you what ..
Its a characteristic of a the type of instructor you want… one who loves
to fun jump.

Colin Fox  has joined us from England and is ready for his AFF level 1,
his son is following his steps also and will soon complete the course.

Matt Jones ready to go again. Rock on.

Welcome to Tim Namsoo, he is doing his ground school today, here he is learning
PLF’s, Parachute landing fall. Sounds ominous but a vital safety point is how exactly to
“touch down” .. say for example you mistime applying your ” flare ”
or the ” brakes” you will have descent in your wing. The principle aim of
a ” plf ” is to not have a rigid body ,, bend your likes .. make like a
spring”  .

Nice and soft:-). Another point to note is Tim doesnt have his hands out.
It is human instinct to put em out .. dont ,,, keep them wrists tucked in.
It will avoid mass momentum being absorbed in your wrist if your hand
touches down first.

Dean Fox and his dad after level 1 today. Sweet as fellas.

Natalie is graduated now, consols next.

Chris and Thomas going up for another fun jump.

Colin on level 3, and doing great.