Natalie is practicing her body position for her level 1 with Jane, ready, set arch…

Greg turn now.

Chris, Arun and Greg are about to finish the ground school today.

Welcome to Matt Jones, Matt arrived today, gs is done and he is now ready for his
level 1.

Natalie is also ready for her level 1 today, happy days.

Michael Telford just passed his level 7, congratulations Michael.

FFU students all geared up and ready to board one of our pilatus.

Michael 1st consol, welldone.

Joaquin and Ewa, with new toys, new wing suits and they look great.

Hamish Just passed his level 4 today, his smile says everything about his jump.

Arun Cardoza just passed his level 1, with style his instructor says:-)

Matt Jones is going up again, lets check that gear before we board.

Chris Marks Level 2 done and level 3 on his way.