Congratulations to Bella and Luke, AFF and consolidation jumps in a week.

Ali from Iran, finished his ground school yesterday and here he is ready for
his level 1 with Ryan, have fun Ali.

Carlo is on his level 5 today with Mike and this time we are going up with him
to see how it goes:-)

Looks like Carlo just did a great exit with Mike, lets have a look at the rest:-)

Looks very stable to me…

360 left and 360 right turns , done….

Wave off and pull at 5.500 ft, level 5 passed, welldone Carlo.

Welcome to Tom Moran from Ireland and Michael Telford from London who
Arrived this morning for an AFF Course.

One of your 1st lessons will be “equipment” in this lesson is where you learn everything
you need about your rig and how it works.

After that you learn “body position”

Bella with her instructor Mike after her graduation jump.