Welcome to the Freefall University September 2007 updates at the Freefall University Madrid.

Thomas Wooley From London jonsed us for an AFF course. He had a smashing course having arrived like most of our guests not having skydived before.

Here he is brimming with confidence ready for another solo jump.

At long lasts the Steed got to realize their dream . Father and Son pictured here in between their BPA AFF instructors went through the course together and both graduated to solo jumping status in just a few days.

This is Nicholas

Ben Riding from DervyShire joined us for another holiday having already learned to skydive with us earlier this year.

Tanya Marks from the UK popped in for some birdman.

Steven Allan, a Postman from Scotland joined us for an AFF course.

Noel Harding complete his AFF course in style . Well done mate !

Nicole Calcraft joined us for an AFF course , she is pictured here with her instructor Mark.

Lawrence Bain joined us for an AFF course

Christopher Andrews , pictured here joined us for an AFF course.

The pre boarding sequence takes about 10 minutes between putting kit on and getting all the checks.

Nicholas Steed was still hard at it this month with the solo jumps having qualified to skydive solo in the last days of August.

As is his Son Jack who gave the thumps up to the camerman just before bailing out.

Stephen Head arrived for an AFF course.

Aidan & Giedre came back to us again for some more jumping and the formation skydiving course.

Andy Dore on the left joined us to learn to skydive on the AFF course . Andy is from London .

Here is Andy out the door on his first solo skydive.

Martin Harris , came from London Parachute schools to learn to skydive.

Nik Linnen joined us for the beginners skydiving course.

Peter and Jamie from Scotland joined us once again having completed the AFF course.

Alec Moseley joined us for an AFF course, He completed it in only a day and a half of jumping and got stuck into the solo jumps.

Philip Wharton joined us for an AFF course, hes pictured here getting ready for his first jump with Andy his teacher.

Scott Boyle joined us for an AFF course.

Nick Elliot from Northern Ireland returned for some more fun jumping , this is his third skydiving holiday with us since qualification on one of our AFF Courses.

Simon Ashley joined us for a formation skydiving course. Once you have completed appx 20 solos after your AFF this is the next step,… to learn to jump safely and skillfully with pther people.

Simon Langley joined us for an AFF course.

Richard McCarthy from London flew in on short notice to complete his AFF course.

Top Man! Ian Cullen after teaching the tunnel instructors a thing or two joined us for an AFF course.

Stuart Dawkins joined us for an AFF course .

Rasmus Hansen from Germany joined us for an AFF course.

We have growing gang of jumpers who make the five hour journey from Portugal at the weekend to come jump with us , here ” Sisi ” packs to get ready for another load.

Guy sahassananda originally from Malaysia but living in the UK joined us for an AFF course.

Jacob Samuel joined us for n AFF course, here is getting ready for the first load of the day.

Damien Smith from Ireland joined us for an AFF course.

Caleb Patterson from Scotland returned for some more fun jumping, he completed hte AFF course with us earlier in the year.

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