Andrew Summersell who trained with us earleir in the year arrived back for more fun jumping. Great camera Geek !

Richard McCarthy from London joined us for an AFF course.

Philip Smith joined us for an AFF course.

International Jetsetter Jacqueline Mullen joined us from Shannon , Ireland for an AFF course . This was part of a whistlestop tour of Europe as Jacqueline lives in Saudia Arabia.

Alan Portis on the left joined us for an AFF course. It was important to Alan in selecting his school to know that we had BPA AFF instructors on Staff, no problemo..

Mike Shepphard joined us for an AFF course.

Gareth Russel , an Airline Pilot decided to see the planet from another perspective , or is it with another persepctive … He completed the AFF course.

Walking back in from your level one or, for many , like Chris Ferguson , you will be smiling ear to ear. Chris completed the course in 2 days of jumping.

Australian and adventurer must be side by side in the dictionary , certainly Shannon Morris proved himself an adventurer when he enrolled in our course which he aced in a matter of days.

Ulrike Koerner originally from Germany but now working as an airline executive in the UK joined us for an AFF course. She had originally started on the static line course but became attraced to the AFF once she learned more about the various methods of learning to skydive.

James Klingner joined us for an AFF course. He is originally from Australia but now also lives in the UK.

Lee Ash joined us for for an AFF course. Lee booked pretty much last minute and took advantage of what are stupidly low air fares to madrid.

Brett Robinson joined us for an AFF course.

Michael Hughes also joined us for some fun in the spanish sun, we will keep you updated on his progress.

Alex Schinonski joined us for an AFF course from Germany.

Adam Bevington joined us for an AFF course. If you arrive early we get started the same day and once your ground school is finished you complete a short written exam. This is designed to identify any lack of clarity in ” key areas ” e.g what you should do at certain altitudes etc.

Jordan Rochester from London joined us for an AFF course. He is pictured here on the right with his cameran Eddie.

Here is a capture from his AFF level seven

I reckon that smile will dissapear sometime next month .. AFF is a blast !

Carl Alston and Vicky waldock joined us to complete the AFF course. Neither had skydived before joining us but quickly got through it to start skydiving solo.

Fancy birdman training ? Why not come and check out what Team members from Team Top Gun can offer you.

Brad Thomas former graduate of the FFU joined us for some more fun jumping.

Here he is just after exit . Curling up in a ball and hurling yourself out the door is something you will become happy with sooner than you might realise on an AFF course, For Brad this is a tried and tested exit technique since his AFF level seven.

Many people notice the wind shaping peoples cheeks in freefall. Any experienced skydiver will tell you that whilst not always flattering its actually a sign of complete relaxation . The first time your AFF instructor tells you to relax you will probably think he or she is completely barkers ,,, but it wont be too long before you see what we mean .. in the words of the good doctor ” be like water my friend ” .


Marian Von Mitschke-Collande originally from Germany but now living in London returmed for another skydiving session with us .

As a beginner He trained a year ago on one of our AFF courses then attended our formation skydiving course and then went onto freeflying which he is practicing here with his coach ( who is flying head down ).

Mike Shephard another former AFF graduate came back to work on his formation skydivign skills , as you can see he has got the hang nicely of the ” Mantis ” position , the more advanced body positon that allows great results when flying with others,

Darren Baller joined us for an AFF course which he completed in 2 days.

Here he is performing his first solo exit , which looks ” perfect ” . A Base exit is where you leave the plane facing the slip stream . The slipstream or ” relative wind ” is coming from in front of him as thats the way the plane is flying. As he starts to accelerate towards ” terminal velocity ” he will begin to change in orientation and start to face the planet as when you start to accelerate thats where the wind will come from.

Caren, wonderful !!!! Great to have you back in the sky again . Caren Snow originalyl trained with us on an AFF course and came back for a long weekends jumping with us

Perfect body position and a big grin in freefall !

Daniel Haines joined us for an AFF course.

Matthew Sabatino joined us for an AFF course. He is pictured above after his first jump ( wow great to see the brakes stowed ! :) and then below in the debrief. Each jump is videod ( and will as part of our standard package be given to you on DVD when you graduate ) for training purposes.

Above in debrief and below after a jump is pictured Michael Mills who joined us for an AFF course.


Jason Lenox joined us for an AFF course which he comleted in 2 days . Top !

Giles De Burgh joined us for an AFF course which was bought for him as a skydiving gift voucher . Our vouchers are for our AFF course alone / package deal / or introduction to skydiving and are delivered in 24 hours via DHL free of delivery charges .

Jordan Henderson joined us for an AFF course. Fresh back from ,, erm ” work ” in Belize he reckoned it was time to treat himself to a holiday.

William Manders has joined us for an AFF course.

Lena Doherty ( right )
from Ireland joined us for some more fun jumping having graduated one of our AFF courses last year. Great to have you in the skies over FFU again.

Damion Kelly from Liverpool ( not a happy football fan after the other night ) joined us for an AFF course. Despite the reds performance the skydiving is keeping a smile on his face.

Andrew Anderson, a member of the forces joined us for an AFF course which he completed in 2 days . well done mate.


We have also recently placed orders for more equipment from Skydive Wings ( our now preferred container ) . We will soon take delivery of 4 more full sets of gear . We have also purchased a further 6 main canopies from Aerodyne and Performance designs .