Welcome to May news from the Freefall University. Its been a great month for us with 30 students attending AFF course and many returning for FS1 and fun jumping. We also had BASE courses this month with a few making their first BASE.

Richard IrvingRichard Irving

At the end of April Richard and his bike arrived to the Dropzone, long way driving!
He finished his AFF and now is thinking about the FS1 for his next visit.

Gary PowellGary Powell

Gary visited the Freefall University in the beginnig of the month, he did his AFF with our instructor Mike.

Jacqueline DayJacqueline Day

Jacqueline spent a week with us. Mark was her instructor; she had a great time and got her graduation done!

Gavin BatchelerGavin Batcheler

Gavin did his course with Andy, he got a lot done in just three days and had also time to visit some of the tourist cities in the surrounding area, like Chinchon and the beautiful Toledo.

ToledoToledo, a World Heritage City, is located around 60 km from the Dropzone.

John BarrieJohn Barrie

John Barrie did his AFF course with Andy.

IasonIason Coriolano-Lykourezos & Vassilis Zaimis

This month we also had two visitors from Athens, Greece! Liason & Vassilis.
They spent 4 days with us and both graduated, we hope to have you here soon guys!

the left, Iason getting ready for a jump

VassilisOn the right, Vassilis, he did his AFF with our instructor Mark.

Irfan Ahmed

Irfan Ahmed

Irfan flew from Liverpool to do his AFF course with the Freefall Univesity…

John BrownJohn Brown

John choose the Freefall University for his AFF course following other peoples recommendations.
He made his challenge of throwing himself out of an airplane and got his graduation done!

Thomas LumbThomas Lumb

After doing 10 static jumps and a tandem Tom decided to take the next step into freefall.
He got his AFF done is just 2 days and other 2 days were enough to do the 10 consolidation jumps.
He has learnt a lot in the week he spent with us; he considers next thing to learn for his next visit is some Spanish to chat with the girls :-)

Grant MacPherson Grant MacPherson

Grant did a tandem and became hooked! then he decided to do the AFF course with The Freefall University… he did his AFF with our instructor Mike Evans and had a great time here!
Skydiving during the day and Cheers pub in the night, that’s the secret!

Chirs MorrisChris Morris

Chris had a great time with us! He came to the Freefall University with his girlfriend Sophie who did a tandem! He said he will miss skydiving, our team and the Cheers pub so he is planning to come back soon! We’ll be waiting for you!

Wayne BamfordWayne Bamford

Wayne finished his AFF in the middle of May…
Wayne BamfordHe graduated with Paula and had such a great time that he has already booked to come back in June.
It will be nice to have you back Wayne!

Dan SmithDan Smith

Dan Smith visted us in May, his challenge: to jump out of an airplane; he got it!!

Dan Smith
He had a great time with us, his smile in the pictures says everything…

Koen Deswert

Koen graduated with Andy and has already booked to come back in June, see you soon mate!

Koen Deswert

Daniel Cleland-James Daniel Cleland-James

Daniel is an investment banker. He decided to become a skydiver for fun and challenging… his best jump: level 7. He has just graduated and already planning to come back for FS1 and CH1.

daniel cleland-james

On the right, Daniel and his instructor Andy after his graduation jump. Congratulations!

Ann & Brian BerryAnn & Brian Berry

Brian did his AFF course in May 2007, one year later Brian has came back to do some fun jumping… this time his wife Ann came along with him to do her AFF course, she graduated with Ulli.

Michael BootMike Boot

On the right Mike getting ready for a jump…

Richard and James Pickavance

Pickavance Bros. visited us at the end of May. James got the AFF course as a birthday present from Richard.

james pickavell
James works as a lawyer.

james pickavanceAfter finishing his AFF James proposes this multiple choice question to anyone thinking about doing the course:

If you have a week of holidays you:
A – lie on the beach and get bored
B – go and visit a rubbish city
C – learn to fly

And the answer is…

And Richard…

Richard Pickavell

He works as a photographer, he really enjoyed his course with his instructor Paula. Richard is graduated now and already looking forward to come back, FS1 will be next!

Craig CrosbieCraig Crosbie

On the left Craig Crosbie with his instructor Paula…

James TurnerJames Turner

James Turner did a tandem and decided to go further and do the AFF course. “when you jumps for the first time on your own you know your life has changed forever…” he said after his first jump!

James Turner

On the right James Turner getting ready for a jump.