Welcome to May at the Freefall University Spain. The sun is shining full time and so is the skydiving!

1st May 2006
Welcome to Michael Potton who joined us to get recurrent , not having jumped in nearly 20 years. Originally with 300 jumps Tim will have him in the air in no time at all.

Congratulations to Michael Cambridge who graduated his AFF course today. Hes already managed to squeeze in a few solo jumps! Not bad Michael youve only been here two days!

Congratulations to Arzu from Germany who has finished her AFF course with us here in Sunny Spain. Double quick time , just under three days and already solo skydiving…sweet..

Congratulations to Derick Potton who has comleted the AFF course also in three days and has been solo skydiving today also. With another week ahead hes sure to rack up the jump..

Things are changing around again, this is the last few days with our current manifest as were building a new one beside the main packing hall looking straight onto the landing area. Here you can see Arzu and James getting tickets for some more jumps.

Even with 25 loads a day you manage to get a tan… Edu and Dolly catch some rays between loads. Dolly is a pretty quite moggy except when the Porter taxies in as she knows her own Edward is coming back .

Welcome to Tom De Pelet who joins us to learn to skydive on our AFF course. Tom arrived yesterday and already is well over half way through his course.

More Formation skydiving action for Lee Clutterbuck seen here with Luci preparing for a 4 way dive.

There is a signifigant update to be inserted here.

20th May
Ok back on track with the updates. I spent the last ten days jumping and working on the DZ and didnt have time with the long summer days to update the news. We hope to catch up over the next few days.

Heres whats happening right now…

Wendy Foster who has been jumping a ton in the last two weeks with us ( having returned for her second holiday after completing the AFF course in April ) qualified to formation skydive with other people. She is seen here practicing her 4 way qualification dive with her principal coach Luci Boella.

Wendy posts in our forum as Wonder

Students chill in the FFU recreation room.

Congrtulations to Sean Foley who qualified to skydive solo under the guidance of Andy Gregory.

Well done to Robert Fone who qualified also to skydive solo under the guidance of Luci Boella he is pictured here getting ready to board for his level seven skydive.

And here he is in freefall getting the ” thumbs up ” from Luci..well done mate!
Rob posts in our forum as “confuzed”

Scotty Reid from Scotland is now working on his formation skydiving qualifcation with Luci ans will soon be moving to phase two of the course , three person skydives.

Scotty has been exploring the local nightlife scene and has discovered a cool bar called ” Abraxa ” where he hustled some dosh in a pool competition. The tables in the modern themed bar are really good and within walking distance of the accomodation zone in Aranjuez ( 3 mins ).

Welcome back to Chris Sargant who arrived for his third skydiving holiday with us. He told me he was having pure withdrawl symptoms in the UK , unable to skydive most weekends due to bad weather.

Check out Herbie.. from Sylvans bus service. When you select private transfers it will be Sylvan waiting for you in the Infantas cafe each morning ( next door to the hotels we use ). The van takes up to eight people comfortably. This pickup service is available to regular jumpers , from the airport , the train station and we also do excursions to places like Toledo, Xanadu , Chinchon etc.

Theres a cooler on board with refreshements available during your trip.

Also well done to Ian Gooderham who qualified this week to skydive solo. He is pictured here with his AFF Instructor , Ulli Bulli just before departing for the level seven. Well done Ian!

Welcome back to James Rowland who qualified to skydive solo with us in March. He is back now for his second holiday with us to do some more solos and perhaps to make a start on the formation skydiving course .

Also welcome back to Derrick Potton who qualified to skydive solo at the beginning of the month. Welcome back and enjoy the skies of the FFU Ocaña !

Welcome to Alice from Skydive the Mag , the publication made to all BPA members. Alice aswell as helping with the production of the mag ( where you can see our advertisements ) is a keen skydiver.

Also here is Luci Fenton from the Mag.. welcome to our dropzone , we hope you have a great time. Luci is pictured here getting some coaching with our freefly coach Louis Harwood. Louis is just back from the UK where he represented the BPA as a freefly coach on the coaching roadshow in the UK.

Here is a photo of Ian Gooderham on his level seven graduation skydive. Ian Posts in our forum as goodie110 .

New Equipment.

In addition to our recent addition to the flight line of Mirage containers we will in the next few days recieve more Aerodyne equipment to include Solo Main canopies. This means our students will fly a mix of Performance design Navigators and Aerodyne Solo canopies. Both are excellent choices for AFF student providing the best mix of safety and enjoyment. Both make an excellent platfrom for comfort under canopy from day one.

We have also expect to recieve 12 new jumpsuits in a variety of sizes from Symbiosis Suits in the UK. These will be in the school colours which are blue bodies with yellow grips.

24th May 2006

Welcome to Richard Houndslow who joins us to learn to skydive.

Welcome to Sefton Rivett who joins us to learn to skydive.

Welcome to Tom Griffin who joins us to learn to skydive.

So for three new intrepid adventurers the journey to a solo skydive begins. Our AFF courses can take you from zero experience to a solo skydive from 13,500ft in as little as three days.

Maybe you will try the sunset load.. its pure magic…

every night the sunset is golden. We now have our customary BBQ and beers on the DZ which is organized for you by local skydivers. All you can eat from 10 euros including a few beers ( note …not all you can drink lol ! )

25th May

Lorin Finnie heads off for another skydive hes almost finished his course now.

Welcome back to Brett Shepherd who was an AFF student of ours last year in Ocaña.

Welcome to Claire who popped down from England for an introduction to skydiving

Lorin Finnie has arrived ready to watch the World Cup hes on an extended stay with us and between games will be doing the AFF course.

Do you feel lucky punk …well do you ? Theres no messing with ” Tokyo ” the latest pet to arrive at the DZ . This is Sams dog.

Fancy a dip… this aint no paddling pool.. at 25 metres keep fit fanatics aswell as recreational swimmers will apprecaite this professionally maintained pool which overlooks the landing area.

Welcome back to Tom De Pelet who graduated our AFF course earlier in the month. He is here to do more solos under the watchful eye of our AFF instructors . He is doing his CH1 at the moment.

Fiesta ! Charo from DZ client care takes some time out to enjoy one of the spanish instructors demonstrating skills of a different kind..

Welcome to David who is here to do an AFF course.

Welcome to Frank Carolan who joins us from the UK to complete an AFF course.

Welcome to Stephen Smith from Dublin who is here to do the our formation skydiving course. Even though the BPA FS1 rating is not needed in Ireland Stephen choose our training as he will leave it not only with the rating but a tangible skill.

Ian Newlands and Nick Selmes are back with us yet again for more formation skydiving . They will be doing some two ways with Luci on our 2-1 coaching programme which is aimed at people who want to take their 2/3 skills to the next level sharing the coaching costs. On this programme you pay for your own jumps plus 50 euros for the slot of your coach / coaching / video . This includes full brief and debrief.


New Senior Instructor for Aerolibre / FFU Spain.

Welcome to Pedro Esper who joins us as a senior instructor in the FFU Ocaña. Pedro was the chief instructor in Skydive Deland , Florida where he had a distinguished career spanning more than a decade. His English is perfect. He has more medals and championships than you can shake a stick at, holds a number of world records and has accrued some 12,000 skydives. Pedro will work full time at our centre and given his experience to date will have a strong influence on our training programmes both in the UK and Spanish Schools. This means our staff have a combined total of over 50,000 skydives mainly in an instructional capacity. Welcome to your new home Pedro we hope you find Ocaña a peaceful place to work with a great vibe!

Availability for AFF Courses

So another fun filled week head for us at the Freefall Uni. As per the updates in our forum we are really surprised at the rate of bookings for the courses and have at this time no plans to increase the number of spaces available. If you would like to come to train we suggest unless you can do some specific dates in mid June that you consider July ( 10 slots left now ) August ( 13 Slots left ) or September ( 15 Slots left ).

30th May 2006
Here is a photo of Derrick Potton just after exit with the porter in the background. Derrick got over 25 jumps in his second holiday with us this month.

Welcome to Vidur Kipur who joined us for an AFF course which he completed with Andy Gregory. Vidur is now skydiving solo.

Congratlations to Frank Carolan who completed his AFF course with us. He is now recovering from a massive hangover to celebrate his graduation..the evenings in Aranjuez are interesting…

Davids jumping solo big time! He is pictured here with Andrew Gregory.

Well done also to Razvan Giuca who arrived a few days ago completed his AFF course ans is now skydiving solo.