Welcome to the second page of the news bulletin page for Freefall University Madrid.
Were having a cracking time , everybody is jumping learning and enjoying every day. Average temperatures are early 20s and it wont get much hotter.

25th March 2006

Hi, Im Luci Boella . I am in charge of the UK FS school for people who would like to learn to skydive with others ( BPA FS1 ). This is me with two of our students Jim and Stephen O Brien from Chatteris in the UK. Jim trained with us at the Freefall Uni two years ago and has finally got around to doing the formation skydiving course. Both are doing great , learning loads and managing to squeeze a few ” pints ” in at night in Aranjuez also.

This is Samuel he started his AFF a few days ago and is working with Ulli Bulli . He is from Bath . He is no stranger to adventure having been one of the youngest people ( and the only person I know ) to climb Mount Everest.

In the background is Louis and Pete preparing for another coached dive in freefly.

Pete is a regular at the dz and generally comes out from the UK for a long weekend of jumping. Easyjet have some great prices to Madrid from five main UK airports and were a stones throw from Madrid.

By the way Louis your new suits from Boogieman are just ace.

Paula snapped this picture of me and Jim in the training room during a debrief. You can see our bays which have TV , DVD and video recorders. Also in the photo is Gary Walker who is here for ten days of jumping . Ill be doing the formation skydiving course with him when he has settled in a bit . Gary hasnt jumped in a while but trained with us on the AFF course last year here in Ocaña.

From the office window I snapped this one of Danillo swooping who is the resident canopy coach. Only highly experienced jumpers are allowed to land in the middle of the campus. Given Danny has held several national titles im sure hell not get in trouble.

Danillo is an AFF Instructor also with five thousand jumps . He is training Ellis who is in the British Army. Ellis started his AFF course with us yesterday and is now on level four.

This is Paula one of oiur our BASE and birdman instructors. ( Shes sporting her new braids which look real funky in freefal ) Claire is an experienced skydiver from the UK on holidays with us ( left ) and on the right is Christine Knowles from the silver stars DZ . Christine trained with us about six weeks ago and has come back for another holiday.

Hi im Ulli, sometimes called the ” doctor ” .. i have no iea why :) This is Lee one of my BASE students . After jumping finished we took off to do some night base. Lee did great and i loved the jump. We have some good sites and i have just found another one..

Im also an AFF instructor in the Freefall University and have just finished training Samuel who did amazingly well on his course.

Here are some scenes from his training .

Skydiving is good for you ! You know you want to ! Here we are getting ready for level four. Mr Everest had no problems at all.


Here is Shane getting ready for level seven.

Thumbs up Shane you just did your level seven enjoy your solo skydiving :)

Meet Jelly ! But be careful when you enter the school she will probably lick you to death!

Hi , Im Andy and Im an AFF Instructor and Tandem Master at the Freefall Uni . We looked after a group of lads down from Bristol for a stag weekend who wanted to see what skydiving was all about ..they all did a tandem despite nursing some wicked hangovers.

Im going to train Richard who joins us to learn to skydive. Richard had never jumped before but is looking forward to getting stuck in to the course having arrived this morning and completed his ground school this afternoon.

Monday 26th

David here,, some people call me … oh well , perhaps not..:)

I was on the dz today and like a tit left my pics behind me , Ill add them in tommorrow at some point but heres a brief run down of our day.

It was goodbye to Christine today , but not before she reached the impressive total of 28 jumps. She has her packing cert complete and in addition most of her CH1. She will take up her jumping now in South Cerney in the UK.

We were joined by Joni Mallet to learn to skydive , Ulli picker her up in the airport and got straight into her ground school. She also made her level on skydive this evening and did great. Its not often the secondary instructor comes round the front to make faces at somebody on their first skydive but thats pretty much what Luci did ..Joni is a pro AFF student :)

Jim O Brien ! Good on ya ! The Four way formation skydive was so neat we could see them clearly from the ground clearly turning points. Jim is now qualified to skydive with other people and i last saw him passing round the celebratory crate of beer. Brendan took the day off and should be back in action tommorrow.
Jim commented to me that he was loving our DZ (thank you ) and that he was surprised that he got it done so quickly. Luci as you saw was his coach.

Simon Palacio from the US joined us late in the afternoon today also to take some freefly training with Louis ( he did three jumps back to back ) and is working on movement head down. For Simon this really is a training holiday as he jumping to the max for the most part of the day and then attending the BASE course in the evenings. Simon has a dz patch collection a buy scout would kill for , saw many of my favourites in there from the US , so glad FFU Ocaña will be on there too! Simon will be here for the week.

Congratulations to Lee Armstrong who completed his CAT 10 and also CH1. He will be jumping with us tommorrow and then will continue to jump in Hib or Langar in the UK. A day of jumping hard for Lee who clocked up 8 skydives today. He told me ” im just being” greedy.

Tuesday the 27th

Hi ho , hi ho..its back to back we go.. we jump all day , get lots of play ..and the night life aint bad either..

Simon Palacio has been learning some fancy tricks under the tuition of Louis ..carving ,docking, chase dives. With four sets of gear between them they have been jumping to the max often landing of one load and getting straight onto the other. Talk to us about your BPA FF2 today.

Simon only stopped the freefly fun to do some seven cell jumps on the canopy he will use for his first BASE jumps tommorrow.

Monkey man exit.. for Simon on his base jumping course hop and pop. We put the base canopies packed for terminal in a main container for the hop pops ( low jumps ) . These jumps are for our BASE jumping students to develop their accuracy with those that they will use on their jumps. Seven cell canopies have a different characteristic to the more common 9 cell canopies that people use.

Luci is now doing some coaching with Ellis who has graduated his AFF.

Here you see Mr ” Go Hard ” Gary Walker who has been working on the mantis position as you can see here and flying with one of our new Aerodyne rigs.

Heres Kevin with Andy getting ready for the level seven (rock and ) roll.

Kevin Ilsley…sweet. Well done in graduating your AFF course . Here is Kevin with Andy Gregory just out of the debfrief.

AFF in 24 hours !
Joni the Freefall Addict has finished in no time at all and is seen here doing the roll out for her unstable exit.

I think at this stage Joni is just showing off to the camera …. Perfect body position , perfect level seven !

Happy Sunny Days ! Well done Joni , now you have the next week to skydive with us , do your CH1 and packing :)

The Forecast is great. Talk to us about the likely temperatures in this part of the country for your holidays.

Jim has been taking advantage of his BPA FS1 rating to jump with others. He did some jumps with Claire a fun jumper from the UK. Claire did eight jumps between this morning and this afternoon when she had to go back to the UK. Claire jumps in Langar ( Nottingham ) when at home.

We said goodbye to Lee today also managed eight skydives before catching his flight home.

Would you like to skydive in Spain? We have some availability in April ( second and third week ) and May for all courses , AFF, FS1 Birdman , BASE and of course freefly..

this update has been brought to you by David. Catch you tommorrow.

Wednesday 28th

Another fab day and were still jumping. We have seen wingsuits , freefly and formation skydiving students in action aswell as our AFF graduates clocking up the solos. Everbody has done at least five jumps with some doing up to ten.

Brendan has graduated his BPA FS1 course and did some two way with Jim O Brian before moving onto more advanced coaching with Luci. Jim and Brendan went through some 3 way scrambles with Luci. She has also invented a new random called the ” motorbike ” . For details of our FS1 formation skydiving courses click here

The two photos on the left are from Brendans four way. Hes at the top on the exit.

has also continued coaching with Luci and Kevin has been jumping solo to get his concolidation jumps finished.

Louis has been jumping with Simon Palacio amost of the day with back to back loads being the norm and then a stop for debriefs.

Here is a photo of Luci and Ulli on the sunset load freeflying together. This two way was photographed by Paula Silva our newest and hottest cameraflyer.

Joni has had five solo jumps today. She was taking it easy having finished her AFF so quickly.

She is also working on her CH1 canopy rating.

Simon .. would you like to try any of our other courses ? Simon is doing BASE, freefly and decided to take the Birdman course also. He covered 2.5 miles or 4 kilometers on this flight as verified by the planes GPS system which flew as part of the formation.

Sylvan one of our resident skydivers has also decided to get into the freefly act and has now commenced freefly coaching having purchased a block of jumps with Louis. Mr Sylvan as many will know is an aff graduate of ours who decided to move to the dropzone to jump full time.

This is from yesterday. Its Jims four way qualification dive having completed Luci´s course.

Kevin also got a ton of solos done today and is also completing his CH1 course.

Thursday the 29th of March.

Jim and Brendan two friends who completed our formation skydiving course are pictured here jumping together. At the beginning of the week this was not possible for both of them. Well done guys!

Kevin is seen here on another solo skydive. He is “locked on ” to his altimeter. Thats all of Kevins consol jumps done now also and everything else is just for fun!

when he landed of his last jump he says that its amazing the difference in how confident you feel after doing the first ten solos, your confidence already high is amazing.

Tracking to the max. John Louis and Edward do some back tracking.

Come Fly with me !!

Louis has some slots for coaching open in April if you would like to improve your freefly skills or work on the BPA FF1 or FF2 qualification.

Meanwhile Scotty another of our graduates who now lives at the dropzone trys out flying on his back. He is jumping one of our Mirage G3 containers which have Spectre Mains.

Welcome back to Louis Morell who joined us today to do some skydiving and complete his CH1 canopy course ( free course ) . He did five skydives and is almost finished the course. Louis is our AFF graduate from December who has chosen to come back to us.

Birdmen over FFU Ocana !

Here some of our guys get ready to head of another skydive.

Well Sylvan . what a face of concentration! Here you see him getting ready to head off on another freefly coaching dive with Louis. Sylvan recently purchased himself a set of gear through our shop a Mirage G3.

Friday the 30th of March

Ok where to Start. Joni is rocking on and finished her consols and CH1. She has chosed her home DZ in the Uk which will be Hinton.

Super here poze before diving out the door.

Welcome to Robert Simpson who joins us to the complete the AFF course. Hes already been in the air with his instructor Tim.

Welcome also to Karen Simpson who will complete the AFF course also. She has requested also to jump with the same instructor as her brother. Tim your a popular guy :) despite this with a fast turn around we are sure they will finish by tommorrow :)

Welcome and enjoy the jumps!

Mr Sylvan ! 8 way freefly dive ?? Ok well done to get on the sunset organised freefly load..

Sylvans mum will be joining us to try some skydiving on Monday.

Simon said goodbye to us today but not before he and Paula covered 5 km of sky together on a winsguit dive.

Welcome also to Michael Woodward who is here to complete the CH1 canopy course. Michael is a graduate from Febo of this year and is now taking his second holiday with us. Welcome back.

Have a good weekend and remember if you would like to come all you have to do is get in touch