Welcome to March news from the Freefall University. An action packed month ahead with few ( four ) spaces left on our AFF courses. We have also seen a lot of bookings for our formation skydiving course.

Stuart Johnston stopped of to complete the AFF course . He was passing through Spain ( on his way to Switzerland to ski ) and completed his AFF course in double quick time

Steve Gomersall joined us for an AFF course.

Matthew Kite and Gareth Hughes joined us to learn to skydive. They arrived and were greated with warm ( 25 degrees ) blue skies.

HEre is Matthew getting ready for boarding on his AFF level one.

Congratulations to Mark Bradley who originally started to skydive on the RAPS system in the Black Knights. He finished his AFF course and began to skydive solo. Thats him on the left.

Grant MacPherson from Scotland joined us for the AFF course.