Welcome to the March 2007 skydiving news from Spain. Another exciting month for us with 35 AFF students expected and some space still available on our FS1 courses. We are now booked out for AFF into mid April ( 60 places filled ) so be sure to get in touch to secure last remaining April and May places ).

Aidan and Griede are delighted as they have graduated the AFF course and begin to skydive solo.

Another group gets ready to board the ” Red Porter “.

Saifee Ghadiyali joins us to complete an AFF course.

We also have a german 4 way team training from a freefall Uni associated dropzone in Berlin. ( If your ever over there check out www.gojump.de ).

Accompanying the 4 way team are a number of fun jumpers and AFF students.

Terry Purcell from the Uk joined us for a little fun jumping.

Top man Shandor Nikitis ! he is pictured here getting ready for another solo skydive having graduated the AFF course.

Lyndsey Noble who completed her AFF training in Netheravon ( UK ) has joined us to complete her consolidation training.

Louis Morrell who completed his aff skydiving course with us last year is back for some more fun jumping.

Another former graduate who jois us for some further training is Emma Lane from London.

As is Chris Buse , hes here for a few more days increasing his jump numbers and helpin to take care of his friends from London Parachute Schools ( Check them out if you live in London and would like to do a tandem skydive. )

You mean your jumping again ! Aidan isnt half hanging around , but then he hasnt much to wait for , we have lots more equipment now so everybody gets their own set of kit!

David Young also joins us to complete the AFF course.

Here is Richard Breen on his level seven.

Richard Breen and Andrew Summersell who graduated our AFF course are seen here walking in from the landing area.

Perhaps directly after the level seven , but more likey after a few solos from altitude you do your level 8 or hop and pop. Here we see Richard just about to go.

And here he is flying in the clear blue skies of the FFU geting ready for a landing. In this case he is flying one of our new Aerodyne Solo canopies.

Andrew gets ready for a coached jump and Terry Purcell is on the right getting ready for another skydive..

Here Andrew gets ready to Land after another Solo. In this case he is flying one of our new Performance Designs Navigators.

Andrew does a low solo.