Welcome to June Part two at the Freefall University in Spain , top weather , top skydiving!

26th – 31st June 2006.
Welcome to Zbigniew from Poland who joined us to complete an AFF course.

Nick Elliot who trained only weeks ago is back for more jumping, hes nearly finished his consol jumps now. His local dropzone is the Wild Geese.

As the world cup was on we spent many evenings on the Dz this month having bbq and cerveza ( spanish for beer :) . An intersesting time given we have French portuguese British , Irish and German people here at the moment..

Houdini is the master of ceremonies at hte bbq..

This month saw lots of freefly action now that Danillo is finished his exams.

There is no stopping Sylvan Butt our school mini bus driver.. He has clocked up over 300 jumps in just five months since qualifying to skydive solo the aff course .Then with Luci he completed the BPA formation skydiving course.

Sylvan has completed our base jumping course and also our birdman course . He is pictured here getting ready for his first two way birdman flight after his course with Andy Gregory who was his original AFF instructor.

Tom De Pelet is becoming a regular now since qualifying two months ago , this is his third time with us and hes getting ready for our formation skydiving course.

Billy Gibbons returned to work on his Freefly skills. On his last trip he qualified for the FF1 freefly qualification. Hes seen here getting ready for a 2 way with Sylvan.

Brian Constant Joins us to learn to skydive on the aff course.

Nathalie Harvier Joins us from London to do the AFF course. Was indeed an interesting week what with France seeming to run away with things in the world cup.. The BBQ the night France beat Spain was interesting ..

Philip McGaw , or mister ” tainted love ” joined us for another week of skydiving. Phil trained with us last year , spent some time in the wind tunnell before arriving and will get into the Formation skydiving course .

Richard Heish joined us for an AFF course this week.