Welcome to July 2006 at the Freefall University. What a month in store , if you would like one of the few remaining places in July / August / September please get in touch

1st July to 6th July 2006

4 Way for fun. Spanish and British skydivers planning an impromptu 4 way.

Welcome to Sam O Brien who joins us to learn to skydive on the AFF course.

More freefly action.

Nick Elliot who did his aff course with us last month is racking up the solos.. This is his second holiday with us now in about four weeks.

Steffan Williams from Wales who trained with us last year is back for more action over the skies of Ocaña. He did a quick refresh course to get back into things and now is skydiving solo to beat the band.

Richard Styles joined us for an AFF course. Our AFF courses are fanatastic fun and great to come on your own or in a group. Theres always lots happening..

Looks like three courses ( Birdman BASE and freefly ) in a month is finally taking its toll on Sylvan..he didnt move most of the day… Except of course to run the shuttle bus service from the hotels in Aranjuez to the dropzone for our clients in the mornings and evenings.

Ready , Set …go ! Richard exits with Andy Gregory for his level four skydive. This is the last time you will leave the plane with your instructor holding onto you. From level five on you generally go with him/her at your side.

The weather has been just perfect in central Spain. No sea breazes to contend with ( or keep you on the ground ) .

Michael Harris who also joined us for the AFF course is clocking up the solos..

John Walsh who joined us for the AFF Course heads off for his level three skydive. The level three is the last level where you have two instructors with you. Here you see Tim on the right and Pedro on the left as they slide down the relative wind just after jumping. With the relative wind you fly sideways for a few seconds due to the fact that when you leave the plane its flying forwards. Once out you start to accelerate towards the planet and will in a few seconds be belly to earth.

Its been pretty much non stop. With the FFU Ocana there is no struggle to get the jumps in. Many people ask us how many jumps they can get in a day.. more than you can handle is the answer… When selecting a school , make sure its not one that will struggle to fly its plane mid week..

Welcome to John Merchant Locke and Alastair Wheatland who joined us for an aff course . They are pictured here in check in. If you are not to tired from travelling you will get straight into it with your personal tutor.

Neil O Grady , another graduate from the AFF Course manifests himself. Our manifestor Robert has been doing a top job , putting people on loads and making sure you get the skydive numbers you want..

Manifesting is easy , go the the window tell them youd like to go to 13K ASAP and listen out for your name..

Welcome to Rajan Chaudhary who joins us for an AFF Course. Rajan was a last minute booking confirming his arrival the day before travel. If you would like to learn to skydive call us to see if we have a short notice space.

Mark Hudson also joined us for an AFF course. Top course Mark.

Many thanks to Leticia and Pete Sterling for giving us permission to post some pictures they took on Holiday with us. You can see the rest of them here: Leticia and Peters Skydiving Holiday

Both were students on our AFF Course

Heres one from dinner in an Argentian Restaurant in Aranjuez. Steak the size of a yellow pages for about 9 euros! This restaurant is 2 minutes away from the hotel district.

And another Pete Snapped from a group coming in after a jump. Check out the link to see more photos and video from their course.

Check it out here : Leticia and Peters Skydiving Holiday

6th -13th July 2006

Ricardo Ferreria joined us from Portugal to complete the AFF Course. In addition to English , French and German courses this year saw us open the Freefall University Portugal. His instructor is Paula Silva.

Here they are seen exiting the Porter on the Level four. The Level four AFF skydive is the first level where you move down to one instructor. You complete a body check with the instructor who then releases you ( but stays close ) so you can practice turns for the first time.

Level five is more or less the same except you get more freedom with the turns to practice 360 degrees. In this photo Ricardo is ” locked on ” to his altimiter in advance of opening his parachute.

Darren Wildgoose did a great job on his AFF course. He is pictured here with his AFF Instructor Tim Boyd.

This is Mikey Harris who has completed his AFF course with Luci and gone on to do the formation skydiving course. Mike had started an AFF course in the UK but didnt finish it but chose to do so with ourselves. He brought his own jump suit with him and his own gear which he was able to jump once he had finished his consol jumps.

Here is Barry O Connell from the UK who did an AFF course and his consols with us this week. Well done Barry

Here he is on his level seven with Andy. THe level seven skydive is all about demonstrating all that you have learned during the last six jumps…

Recovering Stability
Altitude Awareness
Pull Sequence
Landing your parachute accuratley.

Mike Key also joined us for an AFF Course this Week.

Matthew Watkins joined us for an AFF Course.

Here he is on level seven getting an ” arch ” reminder from Luci his instructor.

And here he is front flip during a solo skydive.

Ardoiun Baker who also joined us to complete an AFF course/ consols went on to do shorts and t shirts dives also.

Here some of the guys pose for a photo before taking to the air. Also on the left not in the news before now is Richard Jeans who joined us for an AFF course.

Richard is pictured here on a a solo skydive. All the solo skydive pictures were taken by Peter one of our cameramen.

14th- 27th July 2006

Here is Jason Ashworth who joined us for a weeks skydiving. Jason had not skydived before cominng on the AFF course.

Carl Ross joined us for an aff course. He is pictured here with Aimee. Aimee meets the people who want private transfers in the airport.

Carl will be with us for a week.

Jonathan didnt take long to get stuck into his course. You arrive and if not too tired get into your ground school the same day.

Here he is getting ready to exit , he did so well under Lucis supervision ´that he did his first solo exit on level four !

You ” passed ” , thumbs up from Luci on the freefall portion of level seven.

Julia arrived to learn to skydive with us. Julia no stranger to adventure sports had not jumped before but was ” stopping off ” here before going onwards to Cyprus to scuba dive.

She is pictured here practicing the exit for the first jump with Ulli her instructor.

Level one done , smashing level one too. Julia commented ” I forget about keeping my legs straight” ..dont worry this is the intro level and you have eight to get things the way you´d like them. Smashing first level Julia !

Yup ! Ready to rock.

Handshake in freefall for your graduation ..sweet !

Julia went on to do her ten solos and CH1.

Carl Made short work of his course and soon was getting into the solo jumps.

Nick Corry , ex forces also arrived to learn to skydive on our AFF course. He is pictured here with his coach Luci Boella.

Nick is taking a parachute apart in this photo getting an idea of how it works in his ground shchool. On the left you can see Enkel from Germany. Enkel was a visitor to Ocana some months ago and recently moved to Ocana to work as a packer ahnd in German client care. Welcome on board.

Nick went on to pass his AFF course in days and in these photos you can see him and Carl another AFF graduate from this week heading off to the flightline to board for another solo skydive.

Dustin Calstelsky from Canada also joined us this forthight for an AFF course which he completed in 2 days, he went on to rack up the solos before leaving to rejoin his ocean liner. He is a first officer on the ship and promised to rejoin us the next time he docks in Southhampton.

Mike Harris who trained with us a few weeks ago has posted his video on google video

Video of Mike Harris on his aff course

Mike is also after a main and says ” i’m looking for a 170 main that has at least 100 jumps on it. something like a sabre, sabre2, pilot, PD 170, silhouette or anything else that isnt eliptical. Budget limit is gbp500. If you have a main your looking to sell you can contact Mike via our students forum

The ” arch ” is the basic body position in skydiving and the first thing you will master on our AFF course. Here Ben Riding who joins us for an AFF course practices the position.

Ben trained with Tim and can be seen here getting a gear check. You get three gear checks before every skydive on the AFF course. Once when you put the gear on , one in the boarding area and on the “2 minute call” at altitude.

Nicholas Waller who trained with us a few months ago is back for more. He will complete the formation skydiving course.

Here is another happy man! Well done Darren Wildgoose who passed his AFF course with Timothy. Thumbs up are exchanged on the lower portion of the level seven aff skydive.

Another last minute booking was Duncan Folkes who decided with two days notice to come on the AFF course. He trained with and completed his AFF course with Tim in three days.

Joao Morais from Portugal also joined us for a weeks skydiving holiday. He had never jumped before and will train with Paula Silva.

He did his course in three days and is seen here getting ready for another solo.

27th – 31st July 2006

Just a note in regards to credit cards. We can accept visa debit / credit and mastercard. We regrettably are not able to accept Maestro Cards. This is on the instruction of our Bank , La Caixa.