Welcome to the Freefall University News for Jan 2007. A top start to the year which were very excited about. Starting as we mean to continue were straight into our AFF programme with lots of excited travellers arriving from the UK and further afield. Our FS program also starts in style with a bunch of great guys from the UK.

“Oilman” or Liam Hughes from Bridgwater, Somerset joined us for an AFF course and is pictured here during documentation.

Pedro Esper will be his private tutor for the duration of the course. In the background is Eddy who is an apprentice instructor. Eddy will spend a deal of time shadowing our instructors to ” learn the ropes ” before a longer period of training and evaluation in the US. Becoming an AFF instructor is the biggest challenge a qualified skydiver will face , but an infinitley satisfying avocation.

Alan Browne from Fern Barrow joined us for an AFF course also. This was something Alan always wanted to do and with the help of his private tutor , Andy Gregory hes about to take the ” plunge “.

Andy, an avid traveller himself is fresh back from his holiday in India.

Sylvan Butt, who manages to sleep as much as he jumps is back. Sylvan was a student here last year and moved out to live with us for the better part of the year. He returned home for a short stay .. well actually i guess now hes back home..

Anton Conlon who trained with us last year is back for another holiday.

Dan ” GPS ” Clarke is here to learn how to formation skydive.

Tom Urbanksi who trained with us last March is also back to do some more jumping.

Grahame Clarke who trained with us in July of last year has also returned to get into the new year with a bit more jumping.

Cain Leatham joined us to complete the AFF course

Kristopher Route joined us to complete an AFF course. He is pictured here with his instructor.

Paul Ryan from Cork and Ireland joined us for an AFF course. Hes having a cracking course.

Here is a picture of Kristopher Route in freefall just having exited the porter. He had a great AFF course and went onto skydive solo.

Congrats Kris, your now a qualified skydiver!

The same goes for Cain Leatham who is pictured here having completed his level 8 jump. Onwards to the solos!

Paul Ryan is cracking onwards now , here he is locked on to his alti on his level 6…almost there :)

Welcome to Saifee Ghadiyali who joins us to do the AFF course.

Sean Wallis also joined us to complete the AFF course and is seen here ( erm sort of :) doing his loop out of the porter on his level seven.

This is the last level or instructional jump you make whilst under freefall supercivision in freefall. Sean passed this jump , so his next jump will be a solo!

Alan Anderson , former student of the FFU joined us to complete some fun jumping .

Damian from the Irish Parachute Club also joined us for some fun jumping.

Ben Riding former student of the FFU returned for some more fun juming.

Nagina Shah from the UK joined us for an AFF course .

Rory Daly from Ireland who trained with us last August also joined us for an AFF course.