Welcome to the Freefall University News for Feb 2007. We have lots of AFF courses running in Spain and also have recieved 5 further sets of equipment. This leaves us with 16 sets of Gear manufactured specifically for students learning to skydive.

One Student One Rig

We have just recieved a further 5 complete sets of Icon student containers with Navigator Main parachutes . We have an order placed for five more. Currently we have on our flight line 16 rigs for rental all aimed to cater for AFF students and low experience jumpers. If you are thinking about purchasing equipment we now have demonstration equipment available for you to try before you buy.

Welcome to Anthony O Shea  who joins us from Cork Ireland to learn to skydive.

Nancy Deverall also joined us for an AFF course.

Thomas Denial joind us for an AFF course and is pictured here in ground school.


Welcome to Peter Thomas from Berlin who joins us to learn to skydive.

joining us are Elizabeth Schlotem who also will complete the AFF course.

No sooner arrived than into documents and ground school. From there is striaght onto level one…


Stuart Childs joined us to complete the AFF course. Stuart is on a short break from duties in Iraq.

Patrick Wake from Bordon , Hampshire joined us for an AFF course.

Neil Carrick joined us for an AFF course. He is from Cumbria.

Adrian Onn and Giedre Domzaite joined us for an AFF course , both are from London.


Russel Jones , joined us for an AFF course . Russell is from London

Shandor Nikitis joined us for some more skydiving you can see him here in the boarding area getting ready for another skydive.

Here you see him deply his parachute to come out of freefall for the gentle ride down to earth.

Jasvir does the same on his AFF course , here you see him on level five under the watchful eye of his instructor.

Just after exit ! Aidan is doing great and after 2 days of jumping did his first solo.

Thumbs up for you Aidan, great level 7 !

Katrina Kularia joined us for an AFF course. Katrina lives in London.

Giedre Domzaite joined us for an AFF course also and is seen here with her instructor Doctor Ulli !

Russel Jones joined us for an AFF course. Russel had some static line experience previously but had become fed up with the slow progression.

Rachel a fun jumper who popped down from London for a few jumps is pictured here making her way in from the landing area.

This is Jasvir getting ready for another skydive ( on the left ).