Welcome to the Freefall University just south of Madrid. This is section two of our news for the month of February.

Monday 12th February 2006.

Welcome to James Rowland who joins us to learn to skydive. He is pictured here with his instructor Luci Boella. James is from the UK but lives with his family in Malaga.

Also a very young man has joined us with the hopes of learning to skydive.. Callum sorry little dude , but you have to be sixteen.. but well organise some time in the wind tunnel for you on our March Camp!

Claire Armitage also joins us for the week ( Callums mum ) to learn to skydive.

Trevor Armitage also joins us to learn to skydive.

Meanwhile heres a photo from Richards last skydive with us. Gorgeous blue skies!

Congratulations to Louise Wainright who graduated our AFF course for beginners. She started at 9am yesterday morning with ground school and finished today on the sunset load ! Well done!

started yesterday morning and did three three levels yesterday and
five today. Super fast course given the time constraints, probably
the fastest this year! Well get you some solos tommorrow morning before
you fly home :)


Wed 15th Feb 2006.

Here James exits the porter on his level six skydive.

Here is James heading off for his first solo skydive. Congratulations James and welcome to the sport of skydiving. In the background you can see Luci heading towards the boarding area with Trevor who is now on level seven.

Claire about to exit for her level six .. looking prety chilled out giving her instructor the thumbs up..

Meanwhile taking it handy on the course is Claire Hermitage and Trevor Hermitage. Here is Claire on level six.

Unfortunatley Claire and Trevor had to return to the UK before being able to complete the course. They will be with us again in 2 weeks time.

Sunday 21nd Feb 2006

Welcome to Sally Oberton who lives in Dublin, Ireland who has joined us for a skydivign holiday. She is pictured here with Luci Boella her instructor for the course.

Also joining us is Sylvan Butt from the UK woh is here for his AFF course . Sylvan started our AFF programme last year but decided half way through to spend some time in the wind tunell on one our our monthly camps before continuing.

Welcome to Christine Knowles . Christine did part of her AFF course at an associated dropzone in the UK and took the option of continuing here. Welcome.

Monday 22nd Feb 2006

Welcome to Thomas Urbanski from the UK who joins us to learn to skydive. Thomas had completed one skydive on a tandem before decididing to come down.

Welcome to Lee Armstrong who joins us to learn to skydive on the AFF programme. Michael had completed a tandem skydive before arriving with to our dz.

Tue 23rd Feb 2006

Welcome to Kieron White who joins us to learn to skydive. Kieron had never skydived before coming on our course.

Welcome with Michael Woodward who joins us to learn to skydive. His tutor for the course will be Andy Gregory.

Friday 24th Feb 2006
Welcome to Duncan Aspinall, Laura Gray, Mark Walton and Billy Sharples from the UK who join us for some fun jumping and freefly coaching. They are pictured here getting ready to head of on a four wy freefly dive. Thank you for making us your dropzone in Spain, we hope you have a great time with us.

Sylvan its been emotional ! Well done. Here is Sylvan bringing over the mandatory case of beer.. lets introduce you to ” beer rules”..when you graduate you have to buy your fellow skydivers and insrtuctors beer. A case of 24 should just about go around and at Spanish prices aint to bad on the pocket either!

Welcome also to Joanna Midleton and Dean Thorpe who are here to begin the road to freefly with Louis.

Also here for her third visit in as many months is Amelia Walters who gained her BPA FF1 qualification with the help of full time/ permanent coach , Louis Harwood ( Ola Tronko puedo que tien es suerte en otro sitio..puedo…)

Smiles all round , Joanna had a mal but , look , locate , peel punch pull.. no bother chica! Here Edu reminds her of the beer rules and reckons he should be the second to take a bottle from the case as the main landed right on the X.. A short time later Jo´s gear was repacked and ready for action.

Welcome to the guys who join us for a skydiving holiday. They will spend their time Freefly Team training and whilst not taking coaching will work under the watchful and helpful eye of Louis H. They do most of their jumping in the UK and occassionally Empuria but decided to try another dz in Spain for a change. We hope you like how we look after you and come back soon.

Congratulations to Thomas Urbanksi who finished his AFF course with us in spectacular fashion. A text book course under the instruction of Andy Gregory. Well done..CH1 next.

First Solo!

Congratualtaions also to Lee Armstrong who also completed his aff course with us, fantastic course and enjoy your solo skydiving!

Here is a pictures from his level seven skydive. The instructor remains close on the jump but generally out of view untill the ” routine is complete ” . Once the looping, turns and track are complete your instructor will fly close to you so you can celebrate with him or her in freefall.

Here Pete the camera man for the dive flys into the instructor to take a close up before both head of to their own corner of the sky to open their parachutes. You can see the DZ below. This photo was taken from 4000ft and the landing area still looks huge!

Congratulations to Christine who completed her course. She said to us when half way through the course ” I like how this makes me feel ” . She is seen here showing her video to the others in one of our video rooms. ( We have three video cabins now all decked with DVD recorders and are about to add another in the rec room being installed beside the school )

Back to the Freefly heres a photo from one of Louis´Dives .. here is Dean Thorpe on a dive with Louis.. looks nice in sit ..no ?

Saturday 25th Feb 2006

Welcome to John Callaghan who joins us to learn to skydive. He will train with Luci Boella. He is pictured here on the climb with her and Carlos who will be his secondary instructor.

And of they go.. Carlos put that away !

Here Carlos gives John the Thumbs up in the ” circle of awareness ” Smashing body position John.

John did a perfect level one skydive having never been in freefall before. He did the circle of awareness , practice pulls ..then..

he spots the cameraman on the dive and cracks a massive smile… sweet!

Welcome also to Justin Reid who joins us to learn to skydive. Justin will spend hte next ten days with us and hopes to accomplish 30-40 jumps in his time with us. He is pictured here just after his level one.. loooking pretty happy ..ah adrenalin..aint it wonderful..

Monday 27th of Feb 2005
Gorgeous blue skies , perfect for skydiving ! We did 18 loads odd today at the Uni and had a blast. Here is Christine and Thomas who just landed of another solo skydive. Thomas is almost finished his CH1 and Christine has already decided to come back in a few weeks time for some more jumping.

Here is a pciture of Christine about to exit at 13,5k. Christine did four solo jumps today.

Smashing course Justin! Well done. Justin did the course in two days and is now skydiivng solo. Justin was a great student and such a pleasure for us to teach. Even though the dropzone is busy , its easy enough for us to get you through the course in no time at all due to wealth of talent we have waiting to teach you.

Justin will spend the next 8 days doing solos, BPA CH1 and perhaps the BPA FS1 course.

Meanwhile the freefliers are racking up the jumps and did 6 four ways today to include some local jumpers who popped down from Madrid to share da fun

Thomas did about six jumps today and had a cameraman along on one of them. Hes lovin it!

Sylvan is all but finished his consolidation jumps and CH1 and will the do the BPA FS1 course with British gold medalist Luci Boella.

Sylvan has also purchased a hundred jump tickets to keep him going for a while…

Well done also to Michael Woodward who finished his AFF course today with Andy Gregory.. enjoy your solo skydiving !

Meanwhile john Callaghan has reached level six with Luci and should finish his course tommorrow.

Welcome onboard to Juan Ventura . Juan joins us to manage our Spanish AFF school and may be your secondary instructor ( the guy who helps out your tutor on your first three levels ). Juan is formerly of Empuria Brava , has in excess of 18,000 skydives broken down as follows: 5000 AFF , 5000 Tandems , 2000 Skysurf and 2000 4way jumps.

Juan we hope you enjoy your work with us here in the Freefall Uni Ocaña.
Given you were the AFF Instructor to those of us who trained many years ago in Empuria it is a privellige to have you work with us.

28th Feb 2006

A sweet day at the “Freefall University” Ocana. We have said goodbye to some people, but not for long , most have already booked for a second skydiving holiday with us in March. Some of the Freeflier from the UK are still here. Here is Amelia getting ready to jump with Edward the pilot ( his day off flying ) and Roberto , a local jumper from Madrid.

Welcome back to David Wallis who joins us for a few days skydiving. David trained with us and completed his CAT10 ( AFF courses + 10 solos + ch1 ) earlier in the year.

David will do a few solos and then get stuck into the BPA FS1 formation skydiving course.

Today the staff play. All our students are graduated and jumping solo so its fun time untill our new students come tommorrow.

A growing passtime for us is to fly with the school bird man suits. We also have a new member in da ” flock ” ..welcome to Luci Boella who is also learning a new skill. She did our Birdman course today and did her first flight this afternoon.

Gus Reid did his AFF course with us in two days and has finished his consolidation jumps and level eight on day three. Here you can see him heading off on his 5 second delay. Nice body position just before going for the pull.

Clear Blue Skies – Duncan Aspinall comes in for a tippy toe landing under his Katana.

And here is Luci doing really well flying a “firebird”. The guys are now taking the plane two or three miles away from the dropzone and flying back. Flight by flight they are going further away..

Congratulations to Dean Thorpe who achieved his BPA FF1 with Louis. Dean had a smashing dive.. well done . Enjoy freeflying with others ( wink ).

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