Welcome to the December news section at the Freefall University just south of Madrid.

1st December 2005

Congratulations to Andy Star who has graduated our Birdman course and is now cleared as being competent to fly a wingsuit.

Well done to Gareth Couldrey who graduated our aff course . Gareth completed the course in two and a half days , did a cracking level eight and has also completed five solos.

Well done to Mark Rees who also completed his aff course, did his BPA level 8 and five solos.


5th December 2005

Welcome to Jester who is here to take our beginners course. Jamie is from London is a web designer and completed all the ground lessons today and will start jumping tommorrow.

New BASE gear! Ulli is seen here modelling one of the new BASE rigs. Our next BASE jumping course is starting on the 15th of December. So if your at a loose end , have 200 or more recent skydives and fancy scaring the crap out of yourself give us a call to book your place.


6th December 2005

Jester did his first Aff jumps today and is having a ball. Doctor Ulli was his primary and ” our very own ” Paula was his secondary. Even the admin team at the FFU are skydivers!


8th Dec 2005

Graduation day. Well done to Jester who finished his AFF course today. Jamie is from Scotland and celebrated by doing a few laps of the school playing his bag pipes and wearing his Clans Kilt. Scary photos to come tomorrow…Everybody hit Aranjuez after jumping and this wekeend in Spain is one long bank holiday. Jamie decided to have his quote in Spanish.

Welcome to Chris Nelson who his here to complete his BPA FS1 course. Chris will jump with Andy Gregory. Chris is from the Midlands.

Welcome also to Louis Morell who joins us to complete an accelerated freefall course. Louis is from Southern England


10th December 2006

Soo.. who let the joose loose aroond this hoose ? Jester treats the dropzone to an early morning wake up call.

Welcome back to Aimee who makes her second trip in as many months to Ocaña having trained here some weeks ago. Aimee is completing some formation skydiving coached dives and is contemplating moving here full time from early next year and teleworking. We now have a number of graduates contemplating the move and if you wish to be considered for a space in a shared rental aparmtment in Aranjuez to join them then please contact us.

Chris Nelson is doing well on his FS course. He has now completed the three ways and is up for four way next. Andy is one of our BPA formation skydiving coaches and has spent signifigant time with the Swiss Team before becoming an active coach. He is also a cameraman for the 8 way team.

Louis Morell is doing fab on his beginners course , he has breezed through all the levels and is now on level six.

Well check out mr Gardner! He is jumping his ass of now with his new Gear. Matthew is one of our full time residents having joined us originally as a complete beginner.


11th December 2005

Congratulations to Loius Morell who has finished his aff course , done his level 8 and begun to skydive solo.


13th September
Welcome back to Adam Conduct who joins us for some further freefly training with Louis.


14tth September

Welcome back to Simon Lemon who joined us for some fun jumping.

Here Simon does a jump with Ulli, Simon is on his belly and Ulli is in some sort of stand.


14th December

Tunnell Camp number one finished. Everybody was happy with their tunnell camp and all made loads of progress, from those who had never tried it before , never jumped before , to those coming for some more advanced coaching.

Andy Guler who is our formation skydiving director lead this camp with Dean Smith ( more about that later ) . He is pictured here taking one of our AFF students for next Jan through their paces in the tunnell.

Here is another tunnel only flyer..Vivienne wanted to try it indoors first and wil do her AFF course with us next year.

Andy takes Rachel Wenham through her paces on a more Advanced programme . Rachel did her AFF course with us last month.

Andy Guler points to a picture of Andy Gregory ..how did a picture of Andy G end up on the wall of the Bedford Tunnell!

To finish up the tunnel news everybody in the FFU is delighted to have Dean Smith join our staff part time. Dean trained with us this August and will be working closely with Andy Guler on the cordination of future camps in the UK. When you enquire with us for tunnell camp training it will be Dean taking your call!

Group coaching in the Tunell ? No bother to Andy , he has 300 hours plus of tunnell time alone and then of course several thousand skydives and a serious amount of World Competition … your in good hands !