Welcome to August Skydiving 2006 at the Freefall University. mid week flight. Indeed some of last months graduates who stayed for one week were completing their AFF course and upwards on 30 solos in a week!

1st August to the 5th August 2006

Welcome to Craig Dixon who joins us for an AFF course. He is seen here with Julia who graduated our AFF course in Late July.

Marian Collande who joined us for an AFF course. Marian is from Germany

David McGill who us for an AFF Course.

BBQ´s are a regular feature of evening life on the dropzone. A steak the size of a telephone book costs about 2 quid in the shops and goes down well with a few beers after jumping is over for the day.

Tim who joined us in Late July for an AFF course is pictured her getting ready for another solo. He did his AFF course in 2 days and went onto clock up 23 solos in five days. Hes already planning a return trip back.

Here he is on his last jump before heading home.

Robert Bradley also joined us for an AFF course.

Milos Momcilovic joined us for an AFF Course.

Adam Casey joined us for an AFF course.

Nicholas Waller joined us to complete the formation skydiving course. Nicholas joined us last Feb for an AFF course and this is his third trip to the university.

Stop smilin.. this is serious… freefall puts a smile on your face no matter what! Here is Craig Dixon on one of his AFF jumps.

Here is Marian getting ready to ” exit ” on his level seven graduation skydive.
Marian has already booked to come back in September and wants to be a freeflyer, his favourite aff jump was the level seven when he got ” off his belly ” for the first time.

Robert did great also, and was last seen at the 20+ jump mark!

David McGill is enjoying the solo skydives , here he is on one of his jumps where he took a cameraman along.

Lets fly , Turbine sunset. Here you see another sunset load embark. With us its very simple. Arrive , train .. tell us how many jumps you want to do .. ten a day ?? no problemo..

Julia did great on her AFF course and completed her consols in day and a half… she decided to go onwards and has now also completed her formation skydiving course. Over 30 jumps in one week :)

What will be your favourite part of the skydive ? Here is Marian exiting the porter for another solo skydive. This time a backflip out the door.

Marian hit the 25 jump mark early in his week.

Robert and Adam are pictured here in the ” right Stuff ” pose getting ready for their first solo skydive .. have fun … you will never forget your first solo.. the moment you stand in the door look back in , give the others a quick wink and off you go…

Fly together and party together. Many people ask what its like to come on their own. Dont worry about it , this load has doctors, soldiers ..all backgrounds , but nobody knew each other before arriving but you will make some lasting friendships on the course. Being one of Europes most popular AFF destinations means you will be immersed in high adrenaline environment.

Fly Aerodyne ? We are purchasing yet again and given the excellent characteristics of the Aerodyne Solo ( in our view ) over the Navigator we are getting some more of them in at the end of the month. We will alse be taking delivery of more Aerodyne containers and Aerodyne demo systems so you can fly with a view to buy. If you rent our Aerodyne gear and subsequently purchase you can discount the cost of the gear rental from your purchase value!

Did you know ? We offer the Aerodyne Pilot main , Smart Reserve , Icon container and AAD for as little as 3500 pounds vat included ? Our excellent relationship with the seller of the worlds fastest selling reserve parachute has allowed us leverage awesome prices for your first complete set of gear.

Would you like to learn to skydive , or take part in one of our continuation courses or have us tailor training to your needs ? Then get in touch . The next month sees people from afar afield as Syria and Australia come train with us aswell as “easyjet loads” of people from the UK, Germany , Portugal and Ireland . Theres only 3 spaces left in August and about 8 in September , so be sure to book soon.

6th / 7th August

In addition to meeting people from the UK on AFF courses you will also meet Portuguese , German and Spanish people. In the last week we had 8 Uk students graduate but also people from Germany and Portugal. Here is another AFF beginner group just arrived from Southern Portugal. Paula is seen here doing the ground school. Paula works as a main instructor in the portugese team and a support ( secondary ) in the UK team. She is also a Base and birdman coach.

This group of jumpers came to us for a level one skydive on our introduction to skydiving package.

Madrid and Aranjuez ( where our reccomended hotels are ) are the perfect destination for a stag or hen party. Here John the groom gets a small ground school of his mates before starting ours :)

Adam has finshed his AFF cousre in style and is now jumping solo. He has completed about 15 solos and still has a few days left with us!

Here Anna from Portugal is seen getting ready for her first skydive.

If you see this signal i freefall.. a hand waving gently .. your instructor is suggesting you relax your mucles..sometimeds people tend to adopt a stiff body position and not a relaxed ( almost limp ) one.

Each time before you skydive. You run through the theory of the skydive and then do a thorough practice to include the “exit”. Or leaving the plane. Here you see a level four being practiced with Joana one of our AFF students arrived the yesterday morning. This will be her first jump with one instructor.

Niet who lives in London has joined us to complete her AFF course. She graduated yesterday evening and has already been skydiving solo.

Event for your diary:

On the 27th of September we will be starting a week long focus on formation skydiving. For some this will be perhaps a good time to do your BPA FS1 rating and for others the odd coached jump here and there. There are people coming from many UK dropzones for jumping and training , if you would like to visit us perhaps for the first time get in touch. It promises to be a fun week.

8th August

Welcome to Nicola Conaty who joins us for an AFF course. She is seen here after her first skydive. Looking pretty happy with herself and well she should .. she did a great job!

9,5 from the client care jury on the artistic scale ! Well done Milos who has passed the 25 jump mark and is trying all kindsa funky stuff expecially on the exit here from the porter.

Well done Maria Pimental who did her aff course in 2 days. She joins the solo team now for a few days solo jumping / coaching. Despite being from Portugal she will go through the BPA curriculum which includes CH1.

Ana Dias has one more level to do, she finished the day on level six and will do her last AFF jump tommorrow morning.

You see some funny things on a dropzone . From watching rival ant colonies battle it out to a cross between a skateboard and a bike.. a handy way to get around i guess.

Nick has been jumping away to his hearts content. Hes now of course FS1 qualified meaning he has been jumping with other people.

9th -12th August

Bannanaman is back ! Welcome back to Alan Anderson who was actually our third ever AFF student some years ago. Alan has chosen formation skydiving as his discipline and is jumping away with some of our other returning students and fun jumpers.

A tradition when you graduate your skydiving course is to purchase a crate of beer for your fellow jumpers. This is strictly only after jumping has finished for the day of course .

Here Maria and Anna serve beer from their crates at the end of the day.

Kelvyn Hicks and Gemma Butler joined us for an AFF course.

Nicola Conaty graduated her AFF course and went on to do her consol jumps.
She is pictured her from the cam of Luci Boella on her Level 6.

We were joined by a group from the UK who came down to check out the FFU and Aranjuez on our tandem skydive program. The aim of this skydive is to give you a taster of the sport in a safe environment. We dont focus heavily on tandems Most have said they will be back soon do do our AFF course.

Gemma Butler did great on her course and graduated in two days.

Luke her brother also joined us to do the introduction jump. He loved it and will be back shortly for the AFF course.

Shaun Gender Evans joined us for the complete AFF course and is pictured here with Tim .

Shaun trained with Tim and here you see them together in one of our traing rooms debriefing the skydive. The video we take of your course is invaluable as a training aid but is also yours to take at the end of the course on a DVD. This is a standard feature of our aff course not a hidden extra!

Well done to Phil Stephens who completed the AFF course with us, he went on to complete his ten consols and then some.

Welcome to Carl Murphi and Barry O´Neill who join us from dublin to complete the AFF course.

Adrenalin and a great vibe make a dropzone a timeless place. When your not jumping you will probably be snoozing around the place inside or otudside depending on whether you want a tan.

Creeper or as you will come to know them ” Trolley ” training , we practice the arch position with you ” lots ” on the ground so you can do it easily in the air . Even though Carl and Barry are mates and arrived together they still trained togather with Andy and Luci doing their Ground school together. This one to one for groups mean you do things together and not in turns , whilst still having a private tutor.

The level seven handshake! Well done Kelvyn Hicks who passed his AFF course and completed his consols.

Here is Gemma on another skydive .. whats she saying to the cameraman ?? perhaps ..oh my god i can see Madrid !

Cliff Badger also joined us for an introduction to skydiving and is pictured here with his instructors .

Red sky at night skydivers delight. see ya soon :)

12th – 15th

Welcome To Andre Pedro from south Portugal who joins us for an AFF course. He is pictured here during the one of the theoritical modules of his ground school.

Congratulations to Peter Sterling who completed his AFF course.

Letitia Sterling also joined us to complete some fun jumps and is on the left here.

He is pictured here with Alan Kennedy who joined us to undertake his AFF course.

Congratulations to Karl Murphi who completed his AFF course and has now departed to continue his skydiving in Ireland. He is pictured here on the right with his instructor Andy Gregory.

Alan Kennedy is pictured here just before boarding menally rehearsing the dive once more before boarding.

Here is a shot of him on his level six exit. This picture is taken with the cameraperson hanging underneath the aircraft and dropping off into freefall a fraction of a second before Alan exits.

Here he is practicing turns with his instructor in front of him.

Martyn , Daffyd and Simon have arrived to undertake their AFF course and they are seen here taking a parachute apart during the ground school during hte equipment module.

Joseph Thurnheer also arrived to us to undertake the AFF training is pictured here with Luci during the canopy flight module. They are looking at various overheads of the dropzone taken from different altitudes.

Stuart Alexander also joined us and completed an AFF course he is seen here dropping his gear off after level five. He is getting stuck into his solo skydives now.

On the right Andre is pictured here just after graduating.

Amar Katchka has joined us for an AFF course also . He is picture having arrived into reception. We dont waste any of your time. If your not tired from travel we get into the AFF course straight away.

15th – 23rd

here an unknown jumper returns from another skydive.

Asad Jamal seen here on his level seven getting a ” finger shake ” graduated his AFF course. Asad is from the UK and will jump in Black Knights when he gets home.

Here he is with his instructor and my trusty jump suit :)

Andre from Portugal is seen here executing a perfect backwards roll from the aircraft.

Andre has done 22 solos so far and counting.

Brad Thomas is finished his AFF course now . Here is a photo of him with Tim on their way to the boarding area.

Amar Katcha .. Well done on graduating the AFF course. He is pictured getting ready for another solo.

Congratulations to Simon Martin who also graduated our AFF course this week.

Martin Cowan also finished the AFF course in double quick time and is seen here practicing the exit in the mock up.

Daffyd Morgan is seen here practicing one more time for the level one exit. He has just joined us for the AFF course.

Stuart Alexander joined us this week for an AFF course. He finished in three days and is seen here going through things one more time in advance of his first skydive.

He graduated in no time at all and is seen here with a super freefall grin as captured by Peter one of our professional cameramen.

Alison Pogson arrived to try our introduction to skydiving course and decided to go on to complete the entire AFF course, she loved it so much !

Richard Burnett joined us for an AFF course which he did in a few days. Hes now skydiving solo. Richard is on the left.

Birdman, freefly and AFF , a typical load getting ready to embark.

No , it isnt Ibiza ! But it isnt the Sahara either. A decent nightlife enhances your holiday no end . There are a multitude of bars and restaurants next to the hotel district in Aranjuez and all keenly priced too. This is an ideal opportunity to swap skydiving stories , meet new friends and unwind after a ” hard ” days jumping. and , erm , yes the locals , dig foreigners.

And next day… back for more skydiving.

Next week sees twelve more travellers come from the UK and Ireland to learn to skydive. Docotr Ulli will be running BASE courses and staff will be returning from the UK nationals.

Our monthly shipment arrives from Florida with new rigs for some students and new sets of Gear for the school.

Theres also the FS skills week coming up


23rd- 29th August

Skydiving in the nude , as experiences go its pretty novel for a new skydiver. The guys who all graduated last week and having competed their consols have been having some fun for the last days.

Top tip: Make sure your legstraps are tight in the kings new clothes !

Its been back to back non stop. We have had jumpers visit from surrounding dropzones attracted to the full time operation which is always nice.

The Spanish side of things has also been busy for us. Fastly we are becoming the most popular aff school in Madrid domestically with 20 “madrileñios” choosing us this month. Here Monti and Goyo who are partners in the dropzone get another AFF student ready for her level one.

Desmond O Reilly from the IPC joined us for the AFF course and got it finished in a few days. Hes seen here getting ready for another solo skydive.. Weighing into the course at about 12 stone , I am curious to know whats in the jumpsuit ?

On the right is Juan Ventura who was my AFF instructor when i was a student many moons ago and Pedro Esper who is the former CCI of Skydive Deland now full time with us.

James Boyland has joined us for an AFF course.

Rory Daly from Carrickmacross in Ireland joins us for an AFF course. Like many he had done a tandem and decided the sport was for him.

Christian Moore has joined us to complete the AFF course. He did it in three days and is now skydiving solo.

Anthony Marron has joined us for an AFF course. He too qualified in 3 days and is now skydiving solo.

Tony Jones has made his third trip from the UK for a short skydiving break. Madrid is the best airport for low cost carriers in Europe making us very popular amongst jet set skydivers in Europe.

Welcome back to Anton Conlon and Wendy Foster who are here to work on their FS skills. The completed the formation skydiving course a few weeks ago and are now back to jump together and take advantage of some further coaching.

Roy Mendis joined us for an AFF course.

John Poole who completed an AFF course with us some months ago has also returned for some more skydiving. John will complete our packing course and also his formation skydiving course.

Tom O Connor who did AFF with us about 18 months ago has come back for another skydiving holiday. He did some wind tunnell time before arriving from the UK and will make a start on the formation skydiving course.

Stay tuned , well post another update in the next day or so with news of our gradautes and new arriving AFF students.

In the last ten days 30 of this years remaining spaces have been reserved and some parts of next year are already heavily booked. IF you would like to come and train with us get in touch today.