Welcome to the news section for April. This is the second page for the month. All is good .

Wednesday 12th
A huge well done to Antonio who now is a fully qualified skydiver. He did his course with Andy and has also completed all his ten consolidation jumps. Sweet :)

Congratulations also to Adeoye who graduated his AFF course and whom also has completed his consolidation jumps .

Temps are in the early 20s theres not a puff of wind and all is good at the Uni. Were looking forward to the days ahead which is going to busy with some people making the trip from England, Portugal, Ireland and Germany to learn to skydive aswell as some guys coming back for some more fun. We also have sone freefly action with Louis H.

We also have sone freefly action with Louis H. who is seen here coaching a two way group for a head down jump.

Well done also to Ramon from Madrid who completed his aff course with us this week. He is now skydiving solo and is seen here wearing one of the new Mirage systems thats recently been added to the flightline.

We have five more Spanish students in ground school also tomorrow. You could say were the training DZ for people who want to learn to skydive. Is a unique atmosphere on DZ with so many people to the sport new to the sport . Its wonderful.

Pictured here is Stuart Race from the UK, who joined us to do an AFF course. He started yesterdat and in the morning will do his level seven. Not bad going mate , but alas Joni still has the record completing her AFF in 24 hours!

Welcome to Nikolas from the UK who joins us for some freefly training.

Welcome to Nikalaus who joins us from Berlin who joins us to take part in one of our AFF Courses.

Welcome to Scotty , a soldier on leave who came to the DZ for formaton skydiving training.

Welcome to Neil Malcolm a recent gradaute back for some more fun over the skies of the Freefall University Ocana.

Welcome back to Anton Conlon, who is now going for the formation skydiving course.

Welcome to Julia from the UK who joins us for an AFF course.

Antonio didnt know which porter to choose from as both were flying back to back. Hes finished his AFF courses, consolidation jumps and most of the CH1. In the words of Paula hes ” jumping like stupid”. Hope your keeping a log book mate , coz we have lost track!

Welcome back to Ian Newland. Who joined in some of the FS fun. Next week he will be doing some freefly coaching.

Welcome to Sebastion from Berlin who joins us to learn to skydive on the AFF course.

Welcome to Philip who joins us to complete an AFF Course.

Welcome to Tony Jones who joins us for some fun jumping. Tony was with us last year also when he took advantage of our training to get current after a long time out of the sport.

Three new BASE jumpers at the Freefall University BASE school! The graduates jumped this bridge.

Luci is now of for a few days training. She is the captain of an intermediate team entering the British Nationals. If you would like to train with a pro, who won Gold last year then get in touch.


Viva Portugal ! We have our first group this year from Portugal who have come for a mix of load organizing in freefly and freefly coaching. The experience of the guys range from 500 to 5000 jumps. The Portuguese four way team have also stopped in for a few days jumping before heading onto Empuria. This week we have 15 people from portugal mostly experienced , 15 from the UK, mix of AFF courses and formation skydiving , 5 from Germany and about 20 people from Spain to include 5 new skydivers from Madrid! Nice.. .The atmosphere is fantastic and we wonder what it will be next year when we have our own ***** and advertise an easter boogie!

Welcome back to Nick Selmes who trained with us recently on one of our AFF Courses. Nick will be doing the formation skydiving course with us.

All our AFF students are doing great, ground school is completed now and most have already made their first two skydives. Here Julia practices the turn procedure.

Pedro from the portugal national freefly team comes in for a swoop landing.

Welcome to Kiat Tan who joins us for an AFF course.

This weekend has been an opportunity for many people to meet up who were on holidays before together. And also to make new friends ( and drinking buddies! )

Thomas Ciezclar has also returned for some more jumping.

Expereienced jumpers can land right in front of the packing hall now. Once we are satisfied they have the experience and the conditions are correct.

Congratualtions to our five new AFF graduates from Madrid. These guys got their AFF course done in 2 days from start to finish!

Tuesday 17th April

Sorry the news has not been updated more. Its been flat out for our AFF Boogie. The atmosphere is incredible , with 13 just qualified , or about to qualify AFF students in one place, throw in nice temps , low winds and a touch of nightlife .. it cant be beaten… why not get in touch

Welcome to Kiat Tan who is here on the left she joined us to complete one of our AFF courses.

Freefly to the max Louis! Enough said :)

Welcome Andrew Also joined us for an AFF course

Federico from Lisbon learning to skydive in portuguese.

As did Wendy Foster from London. Wendy is on one of our AFF courses.

Felipe again from Lisbon and learning in Portugeuse is doing our AFF course.

Kiats loving it now that hes going Solo.

Anton Qualified for his FS1 and went on to do some advanced coaching.

Ian despite sporting his new shiny Formation skydiving suit is doing some freefly coaching.

Gina Tybmel joins us from Frankfurt for an AFF course or kurse Fallshirmspringen …Tina is doing her course in German. But speaks English also and even now a little bit of Spanish ..

John McEvoy joins us for a formation skydiving holiday.

Thursday 21st April

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last days things have been flat out on the dropzone.

Heres a picture from one of our FS1 graduates Nick Selmes . He did a cracking twelve points on the course and is now spending his time doing formaton skydiving 2 ways with Ian Newlands.

All aboard! Another full Freefall Uni load takes to the skies. Edward is telling us the climb rate on the new -27 engine is unreal with a full cycle to 13,500ft taking fifteen minutes. We wonder what our -34 engined aircraft is going to be like.

Check out Edward this is about ten seconds after exit.

All our students have graduates now and are jumping solo . Here is a picture of Federico from Lisbon on his level two.

Here is Gina after another solo! Gina has done really well on the course. She had some static line ( Raps ) before arrriving from Berlin but had become frustrated with the slow progression that this system can offer as a method to learn to skydive.

24th April 2006

Ok , back in action on the updates!
Congratulation to Wendy who passed her AFF course and who has finished her consol jumps.. they are all for fun now Wendy. Wednesday is Wendys last day .. lets see hoe many jumps she can do in a week. If you get 25 or more you earn the new first name of exteme!

Welcome to Chris Occomore from the UK. Chris is a soldier and joins us for a week. This photo was taken in ground school yesterday and by the end of jumping today he had completed six level of the course… mmmh more beers tommorrow..

The Box position… John is settling in nicely..

Paddy Halliwell who has graduated his AFF course is pictured here exiting for his level eight. He started his course last Saturday and had a day off in Madrid due to weather… top marks!

” Extreme ” Maria ..welcome back … Maria joined us for some more skydiving fun. Marai trained with us earlier in the year. She has completed some jumps in the IPC with the Talliban boading the porter were told ..

Welcome back..

Marc Watson from London joined us for an introduction to skydiving that almost became the whole course.. here he is on his level two..

MArc will be back in a few months.

Here is Paddy again !

The centre is seeing a steady increase in the number of AFF students coming from Madrid .. maybe its the vibe , the proximity ..the instruction who knows …

Anyway here is Pedro on his level one.. Check Edward out ( what you reckon confuzed ? )

Stick out those legs .. if your instructor gives you a two finger ..he aint..err..been rude hes just telling you to push you legs.

This is the most common signal during an AFF course as you cant see your legs so have to ” feel ” them..

Extreme squared ! Sylvan is getting well into the freefly .. havent seen a relative work suit on you in ages man.. he is pictured here doing an exit with Nasco one of hte packers and the doctor ..

Welcome to Joseph forest who joins us to learn to skydive. He is pictured here with Paula and the doctor his Instructor..

Yep , the sun is down and the beer light is on for our portuguese grads.. Theres another party of nine jumpers and AFF students heading from Porto right now to make sure the party is well and tuely kicking tommorrow night …