Welcome to Jason Young, Jack Smith and James Mcallister, they arrived this morning
and the 1st thing they’ll learn is equipment, this class will teach you all you need to know
about a skydiving rig.

After that is time to practice, here is James training his freefall position.

Jason Young is next, this time for emergency procedures, the most important
bit of your ground school.

We have now a new soft sandy place to train PLF, parachute landing fall.

Welcome to Sean Healy, ground school finish and he is ready for his level 1.

Looks like it went just fine, a smile says everything.

Bryan Huges is enjoying his last few days with us, AFF and consols in 6 days.

Welcome back to our big friend Ian Dawson, Ian did his AFF Course with us last year
and this time he is visiting us for a few FS jumps.

James and Jack are ready for level 1.

Jason also did his level 1 today, lets see how many more he can fit in.