Yvonne Rimmington , UK, AFF Graduate, Freefall University.

The Freefall University provided everything I expected and more. Fantastic location, friendly people and great weather for January. I Managed more jumps than expected and will definitely come back for more training.

Martina Brant , Ireland, AFF Graduate , Freefall University.

What feedback can I give really except all positive! Seriously, after getting the flu’ the first time I think it speaks for itself that I was only home 8 days before I got online and booked the tickets to go back and get the course finished. And when I bought Vacher dinner to say thanks I did tell him he was the best AFF instructor ever – but I was slightly biased seeing as I’ve only ever had one!!!What more can I say really, I’m already living for being able to afford to go over again and to see everyone. And even now that I’m back I’ve just been emailing the shopkeeper about advice on gear to buy or to avoid and he has been a world of help. If you were looking for some negatives I do hate to disappoint, I couldn’t even make some up if I was a novelist.. It’s a fantastic set up and everyone is doing a great job even Sydney for the entertainment factor…!!!See you around the DZ sometime and once again thanks for a unforgettable time with some great people..

Slan go foill, ( Irish for best of Luck for non Irish visitors )