Tom Probert , AFF Student Student , Freefall University .

I was met in Madrid Airport by my driver and in my apartment within 2 hours. The next morning i did my ground school and my first jump the day after. The weather for my six day stay was excellent as was my instructor. I had jumped already from a low altitude with the Parachute Regiment in the UK, but was unprepared for the adrenalin rush that jumping from altitude gave me…what a blast. The drop zone was nice , friendly staff. Id like to say a big thank you to all involved and will be back to do my formation skydiving course as soon as I can.

Tom Probert.

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Dave Thornton , AFF Student Student , Freefall University .

I had planned a ten day stay at the Freefall University but this ended being almost a month! Lucy and Tim , the AFF Instructors that got me through the course with no repeats are the best ! Friendly, professional and down to earth. The equipment, weather , pilots and plane are f***** excellent . Dont get sun burnt or drunk too much though this may take some avoiding. This place is the real deal. I will certainly be back with friends for another fantastic holiday. Nice one Mr Cowman ! . p.s beware ” Skywalker ” , the notoriuos parachute packing ” cigarette stealer” . Thanks also to Dannie Jessop for some excellent camera work with stills and Mike for the exit shots…

David Thornton