Tom Corcoran , IRL, FS1 Graduate , Freefall University .

“I recently completed Freefall University’s Formation Skydiving Course, have completed AFF there 2 months earlier. Lucy was an excellent teacher with thorough ground instruction and clear and decisive communication in the air. I’d highly recommend it especially to those recently graduated off AFF

- if you think doing solo jumps is fun, check out the thrill of doing relative work that this course teaches you! I’ll be back in September to hone the skills learnt in the course and maybe do another course in canopy skills. Thanks guys.


Colin McCullough , UK , AFF graduate, Freefall University .

“When you step out of the plane nothing else matters other than the moment” (Jordie). Very true and a great way to leave that stress behind!! Dave, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all at the Freefall University for delivering exactly what you promised in a friendly, relaxed and above all safe manner. I had a fantastic week learning a new skill, making new friends and laughing. I have no hesitation in recommending the Freefall University to anyone interested in taking up the sport. I wish you, Jordie, Lucy, Tim and Danny all the very best for the future in whatever you do.

Good Luck Colin McCullough.