Stuart Child.

The Freefall University in Spain, it was a great idea to get our AFF there. I was qualified in two days , which was very good. The instructors at the University are well experienced, friendly and good to have a laugh with. I am sure I will be coming back to the Freefall University over and over again. Thanks for the fun.

Mark Bishop.

To anyone who, like I was, is currently trying but failing to progress though RAPS, I would hightly recommend AFF and the Freefall University. The cost of the course is very reasonable and when you consider that you got your own personal instructor its actually really good value. This allows the instructor to concentrate on your own specific challenges and potential problems with progession. My instructor Ulli really put me at ease and, as a result, this improved my self-confidence and ability to relax in freefall.

Ultimately, coming to the FFU as someone who had previously struggled with RAPS for about 18 months, I flew through the course with no problems in the sapce of 3 days. If I can do it, so could you.