David Brewin, AFF Graduate .

I did a tandem with the red devils and decided AFF was for me! I felt nervous the day we arrived but got straight into ground school with whos manner allowed me feel very relaxed. My jumps at fist were interesting, especially my fifth , I started to Spin in freefall, but there was my instructor who quickly helpmed me to regain control. This knocked my confidence a bit , but having revied the video I felt keen to move on.

This week has been the most challenging and rewarding I have ever experienced. The ups and downs of learning a new skill and the top class instruction has given me something that I just thought I could not do!

Top marks for a brilliant week guys, I will be back to Ocaña/ Aranjuez to see you again.

Do it ! Step into the Blue room, but remember arch and relax…and I will add enjoy!!

David Brewin