Ralph Seymour-Jackson, UK, Freefall University AFF Student.

The dropzone overall has a fantastic and friendly supportive atmosphere. It didnt matter if you have one or one thousand jumps. People here chat and offer genuinely friendly advice and support.

It cant be overstated enough that the Atmosphere in the Freefall University makes it a truly great place to learn.

Why come to the FFU ?

1) Great Instructions

2) Truly Great Atmosphere: Friendly, Professional and Supportive.

Paul Ancker, Ireland, Freefall University AFF Graduate.

After having done a Static Line course in Ireland in early 2004 I was eager to progress to skydiving. Hampered by the Irish weather (low clouds, high winds, flooded runways) I only managed to do 7 (SL) jumps (incl 2 DRP’s) up till November. Totally frustrated with my lack of progress I contacted the Freefall University on recommendation of some Skydivers back in Ireland.

As I couldn’t take a week off early this year I suggested to split the course over 2 long weekend. This was no problem and they were more than helpful in the booking of car hire and arranging accommodation. In Dublin I worked till lunchtime, before being dropped off to the airport. By 8:30 that night I had arrived in FFU and was met by my Instructor . After a couple of beers they showed me the accomodation and we started the course the following morning. These guys really made me feel welcome and at home. Over the next few days and my second long weekend I met lots of other students, instructors and skydivers from various nationalities. The bond between students is fantastic and all instructors are very professional and yet easy going at the same time. In the end I needed a couple of extra jumps to complete my Level 7. The support and advise from so many people (students, instructors) determined to see me succeed has really made an impact on me and is an experience I will not likely forget. On my final day I graduated and got 2 solo jumps in before leaving the dropzone at 5:20 pm and arriving home at 9:30 that night.

I can’t wait to get back to the dropzone next month and meeting up again with that wonderful bunch from the FFU University.Oh, did I mention the skydiving was awesome ?

Thanks to everybody and see you soon.

Paul Ancker