Paul Ryan.

This was for me an Excellent course and a great place to skydive. Everybody just gels there. I worked with Paula and Ulli (instructors) and found them great to learn with. If you want to do an AFF course then do it at Freefall University, you won’t go wrong. A big “irish” cheers to everyone I met and made friends with. See you soon.

Will Smith.

I did the skydiving course because I dont want to have any regrets when im old. THe dropzone had a great mix of professionalism and a nice relaxed atmosphere. IT was nice to have the swimming pool and the restaraunt together. The hard part about skydiving is deciding to come and making the decision to do the first jump. Its easy though after that ..maybe the excellent instructors?? Soon they are not your instructors , they are your good friends.. everybody is really friendly. Maybe thats why almost everybody here returns to jump again and again….

One thing you will never learn is to be as cool as Ulli , Paula , Pedro and the rest of the staff.. they are ace.. The best jumps for me were my first solo., first jump when my instructor didnt hold me and my first unstable …lots of best jumps !!