Nick Smith , UK , AFF graduate of the Freefall University.

Where do i start with what has been the most unnatural, intense and pressurized experience of my life, i know this will sound cliché but i feel different, i feel more relaxed, capable and confident than I used to, i certainly look at the sky in a totally different way.

When you’re going though ground school you can’t wait to get up there and jump, but believe me when your up there the last thing you want to do is jump, but you do, and when you do you’ll know what it was that drove you to do this crazy thing. Whether it’s the adrenalin, the challenge or something else, all the fear and anxiety you’ll feel leaves you faster then you fall to the ground. For almost a minute this will be the closest you’ll ever come to unaided flight, to be a bird, to be a plane, yes you got it, to be superman/superstone, this truly is your licence to fly.

I can’t imagine jumping with a more friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable bunch than the guys I found at freefall university. Everyone was very cool, instructors, divers and students alike, the whole place felt open and inviting.

My only problem now is how am i supposed to go back to a day job! I will return.

Karen Donaldson , UK , AFF graduate of the Freefall University.

My impression of the Freefall University is one of friendliness. Safety is obvious and taken seriously and everybody is happy to give advice, which was great for me as i was learning.

I had a fantastic instructor who made me feel very comfortable and calmed my nerves. I felt ok on ” the way up ” but my stomach went when they opened the door! I got into position and the next thing I knew I was freefalling. When I opened my parachute i wasnt sure where I was but my instructor was on the radio to ” talk me down “!

With the help of the instructors i got better and by level six i was having lots of fun doing somersaults. I completed the AFF and consols and did some other solo jumps during my stay.

Many thanks to all at the Freefall University . I have had a fantastic time and hope to see everybody again soon for the formation skydiving course.