Mark Reese , FFU Ocaña , AFF Graduate .

It was great to combine a trip abroad with the course! You are placed in an environment with no distractions and also with like minded students helping you focus on getting the job done.

The social scene in Aranjuez was great. It give the perfect setting for chilling out after a days jumping out of a plane at 13,500ft.




Adam Wilson , FFU Ocaña Graduate .

I originally started skydiving on the RAPS course in the UK but because of the weather etc I decided that an AFF course was the way forward.

The freefall university looked a fun place to learn. My instructor, Andy Gregory, was brilliant. He was very relaxed and coached through each and every level of the AFF course and because of this I didnt have to repeat any of the levels. All of the instructors here are very experienced but more importantly they all work together professionally (and socially!) and create a big family atmosphere which is welcoming and student friendly. I have really enjoyed my time here at the DZ. I have made lots of new friends and look forward to running into them at various DZ’s around the world. As for this DZ – in the immortal words of Big Arnold….I’ll be back!