Maria Richardson from Ireland. AFF Graduate FFU Ocaña .

After doing a tandem jump in the UK last October – I decided that I had continue throwing myself out of airplanes at every given opportunity. It was luck of the draw really that we chose the Freefall University, but I am very glad we did.

On arrival at the dropzone – one of the first sights to greet me was that of two of the cutest dogs ever – Dolly and Jelly playing about on the airfield. As an animal nut I took this as a good omen.

We had a very thorough ground school with Ulli Bulli (don’t believe what they say about Germans having no sense of humour!) Paula – who one day I hope to fly like – got all our paperwork sorted and introduced us to the rest of the crew, what a great bunch of people!

The next day we started jumping. I thought the tandem was good – wrong – not a patch on flying solo. What a great sport, what a great place to learn, great instructors and packers who kept us alive – and not forgetting the Trojan little Pilatus Porter that bravely hoisted our fat arses aloft with great stamina!! Aranjuez was a lovely place with very friendly people – but beware vegetarians – the walls in most of the restaurants are made of meat. It’s like having dinner in Jeffrey Dahmer’s basement with Hannibal Lecter!!! Can’t wait for the next jump y no puedo esperar para volver al Ocana!! ( I cant wait to return to Ocaña .