Liam, Feltham UK AFF Graduate , Freefall University .

I have just lived the most exciting and rewarding ten days of my life doing David’s AFF course in Ocaña. Being a newbie to skydiving I was of course anxious and nervous about what was to come. However, as soon as I met David and his team any worries I had were blown away. I found them to be some of the friendliest, thoughtful and most professional people I have ever met. As a result of this I truly had a fantastic time and will continue jumping forever. Thanks for giving me the best possible introduction to an amazing and rewarding sport!

Alan Anderson , Freefall University , AFF Graduate .

I will state, the only reason why I continued and passed my AFF was due to David being an outstanding instructor with an ability to communicate efficiently what was required, how to do it right, and to become accustomed to freefall, by making me feel I was jumping with my best mate.