Lee Wood, AFF Graduate .

I had wanted to do this for ages and knew I would love it!I just didn’t realise that id love it quite so much.

The course has been serionsly exciting and tons of fun. The calmness and professionalism of the instructors helps to quickly sooth the nerves and fears when they naturally surface. Then you relax and enjoy the jumps. This has been a fantastic experience and FFU Ocana was definitely the right choice. I will be taking the formation skydiving course next.



Chris Handley, AFF Graduate .

When we originally looked at booking a skydiving holiday in Spain, we had to decide between two centres in Madrid. I am 110% confident we made the right choice, from start to finish all staff at the FFU were friendly and helpful (especially David, who arranging everything for us).

We arrived in Aranjuez on friday night, and were immediately met by Louis who showed us round and introduced us to the current students. Next day was ground school, which really helps any nerves you may have, it’s very informative and Andy instills so much confidence in the equipment they use and procedures in place. I flew (literally) through all 7 levels and qualified in 2 days, I hate writing cliché’s but if you have got as far as reading this, don’t hesitate, ring David and get it booked, I promise you will not regret it. Aranjuez is a good place to stay, there are lots of decent place’s to eat and many more bars. It’s also dirt cheap !! The help doesn’t stop when you leave either, David has already contacted the CCI at my local UK dropzone ( Hibaldstow ) who is expecting me at the weekend for my next fix!! Stop reading and pick up the phone!!!!!!!!!

“Skydivers don’t knock on death’s door…….they ring the door bell and run off…….it really pi**es him off” !!!