Lee Austin , UK , AFF Graduate , Freefall University .

I’ve just had the most amazing week of my life at the Freefall University. At first I struggled to get to grips with freefall but Dave and his team made a real effort to help me get through the course. With some expert coaching and more than a little patience from the instructors I gained enough confidence to graduate within one week. Now I’m a skydiving junkie and can’t get enough. It really is an incredible and brilliant experience. I want to give special thanks to Tim and Brian for their excellent support I couldn’t have done it without them – ‘ARCH!’


Paul McNutt , UK, AFF graduate, Freefall University .

I knew that I wanted to do an AFF course but wanted to compress it into the time off I could get from work. This meant looking outside of England to somewhere with reliable weather. I wanted to go somewhere where I could do all the course jumps and a lot of solos when finished. I choose the Freefall University. When I arrived at the drop zone I was made to feel at home straight away and my fears about travelling on my own vanished. My Instructor ( Lucy ) was excellent and made me feel very at ease with the idea of throwing myseld out of a plane. All the staff and other jumpers ( students and experienced ) were incredibly friendly and made every effort to ensure I had a great time. What more can I say other than I will definatley be back to jump with David and his team soon.