Lee Armstrong , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate .

travelled on my own nd was picked up at the aiport, taken to my hotel then straight out to meet the rest of the GANG….they all immediatly made me feel very welcome.
Ground school was at a good pace and was surprised at how I took it all in. we had a few days of bad weather anly got 3 jumps in 4 days then in one I completed my AFF, yeahhhh!!!!
Level 7 is just the best, unstable exit is so much fun.
Coming back in 3 weeks.

Nick Selmes , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate .

Arrived at the DZ I met Tim who was my primary instructor for the AFF course, Andy was my secondary and I can’t have asked for better instructors and would highly recommend both.
Tim put me at ease straight away and went trough the ground school very well explaining and getting me to pratice for every eventuality. After the ground school on day 1 I carried out AFF level 1, and it was just unbelievable. However not as unbelievable as jumping solo for the first time on day 3 of my course…. All I would say if you thinking about doing it …stop thinking and crack on with it!!!!!!!