Kim Taylor , UK, AFF graduate, Freefall University .

Forget drugs, AFF is the best way to start an addiction and the best high you can get!The Freefall University is in an ideal location with excellent facilities, and superb instructors. David provided me with the ideal holiday in the sun, jumping out of a plane (‘as you do!’) Completely hassle free! He sorted out everything, all I had to do was turn up.After talking to friends who were doing AFF in the UK, I’m glad I went to the Freefall University ! As I finished the AFF course without repeating, I had Brian all to myself thought out the levels, got loads of jumps in, met loads of people and made great friends. Best of all I never had any problems when I came to jump in the UK!It was the best holiday ever! Bad thing is I’ve just gotta go back!A big Thank You to all at The Freefall University, as now I’ve got a big addiction to feed!!


Jonathan Lobo , UK. AFF graduate, Freefall University .

WOW ! What an incredible experience – one definitely not to be missed. Stop reading these references and book now as no words can adequately describe the amazing thrill of freefall.Learning to sky-dive at the Freefall University was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to get back to meet Dave and his team again. My primary instructor was Lucy Boella and her clarity of explanation, patience, and willingness to help were the main reasons I passed my AFF Course. I cannot recommend Lucy or the other instructors highly enough as they are all willing to offer advice and to help. The Freefall University is a personalised operations and the whole atmosphere at the Drop Zone is welcoming, friendly and great fun. Thanks to you all for an incredible week.