Jamie Salvage , UK, AFF graduate of the Freefall University.

Jumping out of a plane is not a natural act but with Marcus and Ulli i felt 100% safe at all times. Everybody should be made do AFF !

The instructors and other staff of the Freefall University all have a passion for skydiving which is highly infectious and now im hooked ! I will be back in a few weeks to do some more solo jumping and and perhaps take the formation skydiving course.

I cant reccomend the place enough.. Many thanks to David and the gang for making me very welcome..

Cliff Harvey , UK.

You dont need courage to skydive,, no really you dont !! Courage comes with the training you recieve. Your belief in yourself and your instructor gives you the courage to step out of a plane at 13,000ft. If you have ever thought of skydiving but dissmissed it because its something only action heros do…seriously think again.

You can do it and not only that youll love it .. I did.