Eric Walsh, AFF Graduate, Freefall University.

Just writing to say thanks for the few day’s that i was there. I had a great time and hope to go back again in Feb. Barry, your a top instructor and i’m glad you were the one doing my AFF. You were right, all i needed to do was chill out.Lamorna, i hope you passed Barry’s tip on to him and not spent it on a pink snowboard or something (only joking). Thanks for all the help and advice. “Danny broke the glass not me”. Hope to see you in Feb. Best wishes from Baggers.

Brian ” Punk ” Davidson , Canada , AFF Graduate , Freefall University .

Just wanted to say thanks for the crazy times at Freefall university. I truely loved jumping. You have a rad staff, and an awesome school. When I fully realize how much skydiving is good for me, like breastmilk or vitamins I will be back, with my friend too. Expect another message sometime soon then, punk.Good luck in the near business future and with the new pad in Madrid as well. Also good luck with dirt bikes and snowboards and remember to buy a flashy cape.