Ditte and Rafal, Denmark, AFF Graduates , Freefall University.

My self and my friend Ditte went to Spain as we had 3 weeks off from work so why not spend them on skydiving. We found freefall university on the internet and called David who arranged almost everything.The 25th of November we were doing our ground school and the day after we were jumping out of a plane in freefall. That’s is the best experience we have tried yet. The DZ is a cool place with nice people and very professional instructors. We don’t think this will be our last time cant wait to get back to Spain.Say hallo to Sid and David you next year.

Richard O´Neill, UK, AFF Graduate , Freefall University .

Wow! This is one truly amazing and completely unique experience, that has the ability to turn even the strongest of stomachs to complete mush, before taking your body on the most exhilarating ride of its life.The one-to-one tuition is second to none: In 3 days Luci has transformed me from a plummeting heap of spinning flesh and bones into a confident, almost relaxed ;) ) skydiver doing half-controlled backloops and barrel rolls at 10,000feet as I hurtle towards the ground at over 200feet per second! It will send your friends and family into a state of shock and awe as they contemplate what it is that you have done; while they quietly wish they had the guts to get up and do it themselves!Anyway, I think you get the idea of how much I have enjoyed the 10days I spent at with the FreeFall Uni and what a truly unique and amazing experience this is. So stop reading these repeating messages of the amazing experiences that all these people have had with the FreeFall Uni and get on the phone to Dave and book your flights! I will see you all in a few weeks when I come back to do my FS1 and bring my dad along to do his AFF course. Cant wait to go up with him on his level 1 – we shall see just how many shades of white his face has in