Dan Atkins, AFF Graduate .

I had been doing a static line course at the IPC in Ireland, and, was not progressing at the pace I had hoped. I decided to take a holiday and do an AFF. I looked at the Freefall University and decided that it looked like it was for me. I had some worries about going on my todd but when I arrived I felt very involved in my course. Dave and Jordi accompanied me on my first jump, and made me feel very comfortable. I had some great fun with everybody there and learned so much about Skydiving. I now want to progress forward and want to jump all the time now! When I passed my AFF I was delighted and it gave me a massive confidence boost. I would certainly recommend it to anybody interested in getting into Skydiving.

Sarah Simmons AFF Graduate, FFU.

I’ve recently returned home after completing the AFF course at the Freefall University. After a turbulent first jump, instructor David Cowman gave me the confidence and encouragement to get back in the air. I completed the course within the next few days, and have since joined my local skydiving club. The set up at Ocaña provides an ideal place to learn to skydive. A combination of top instructors, great weather and great accommodation ensure that students can concentrate 100% on the skydiving.

Thanks for a great time guys, see you in December!”