Damien Duffy , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate .

When I decided to go with the Freefall University I was choosing from a range of companies. I was confident by the time I arrived I had made the right choice and looking back im certain I did.

Im glad to have met the people I did on this weeklong skydiving adventure. My insrtuctorr was very helpful and thorough and I am grateful to him as I am to everybody else who helped me get through my course and qualify as a skydiver. The packers the pilots and everybody else running the centre .. thank you! Now if you dont mind i think ill go and chuck myself out of a plane one last time !



Joe Aldridge , FFU Ocaña AFF graduate .

Everyone here is very relaxed and helpful. From skydiving to showing you around to anything you want to do really. The vibe on the dropzone is great and everbody had a great sense of humour.

My Instructor Tim was great, very patient and gave me great confidence with my skydiving. That being said all the Uni instructors are great. The only question is when can i jump next ? Wahoo!!!