Ania Kempista, FFU AFF Graduate.

Initially, I didn’t come to the FFU to skydive. My boyfriend was going through the AFF course and I decided to tag along and watch. However, the atmosphere at the drop zone is infectious and you just want to be a part of it somehow. On the second day I decided to do a tandem, and when I was finally suited up to do it, I thought my legs would crumple before reaching the plane—I was terrified. In the end, the experience was absolutely amazing, and although my fear didn’t relent, the excitement was so powerful I did another tandem on the following day. Before I left FFU I promised myself to come back to do the course, and six weeks later I did. I was not the easiest student—during my first jump I could not get out of the plane. I had to repeat three different levels of the course and each plane-ride was a real effort in controlling my fear. However, I tried very hard and once I was out of that plane I felt like nothing else I’ve ever done compared.When I finished my level seven I seriously could not believe I’ve done it, and I was over the moon.I hold so much respect for the instructors at FFU, because when you take the AFF course you are surrounded by a truly cohesive team of experts.Tim, my instructor, was fantastic—always providing constructive feedback. He was positive and patient even when I was frustrated with myself.Marcus, my first tandem instructor, convinced me to go up the first time and I could not wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the week. Tony let me steer the parachute during my second tandem to give me a taste of the real thing. Also, each time you go up on your first set of jumps, you’re flying with your instructor and a secondary and therefore meet most of the team. Lucy was the one who helped me to get myself together and take that first jump. Danny’s smiling face on the plane is enough to make you grin even when you’re completely petrified of that door opening at 13,000 feet. And all the other people at the DZ that so freely share their expertise and help you through the course.I think that FFU has an exceptional team and a great course—not just for true novices like me, but also for people already passionate about the sport. I can’t wait to go back

David O´Regan , Ireland .

WOW ! What can I say , this has been the best holiday experience of my life… mostly down to the wonderful people I´ve met over the last few days, students and staff alike. Everyone was so helpful and willing to lend their support without hesitation. Id like to give a special thanks to both my instructors Lucy and Marcus. I could not have expected it to go any smoother.

I still cant believe how much i have learnt in such a short period of time. Its a great confidence boost. If your even considering an AFF course this is the place to come. Granted I have nothing to compare it to, but i cant imagine a school being as welcoming and professional as this.

Also thanks Lamorna for all your help and information you gave me before I arrived. You made the trip effortless.