Maurice Gibney, Ireland AFF Graduate , Freefall University

After completing the AFF course last august, i’d like to say personally i had the best time abroad ever. If you told me there’s a better way to spend my money, i’d say you havent even lived:) The staff are both friendly and professional. As is Dave Cowman, Dave never looses sight of helping you to complete your goal, and takes his own personal time to make sure that you do, I’m all smiles after coming home and have joined my local parachute club. I’ve jumped twice since i’ve come home and i am having the time of my life. Thanks Dave, hope to see you in December.

Sandy Royston, UK AFF Graduate, freefall University

This Summer I spent 9 days at the FFU learning to skydive with David Cowman. I found the programme intensive, yet flexible enough to take indifferent peoples’ relative strengths and weaknesses. David is a great instructor who tunes into an individual’s requirements and adapts accordingly. The FFU is also an ideal venue for learning – with friendly, informal surroundings and every possible facility that you could require. Within 9 days I completed 26 jumps and made stacks of progress. I would recommend AFF to anyone thinking of learning to skydive; and particularly the Freefall University as a company to learn with.”