Well…Well….Well…. That’s Phil, what can i say:-)

Phil Ebner with his new suit.

Congratulations to Chris Moxham that just passed his AFF Course. Chris have a new
FFU record…. 10 jumps in one day after the course:-)

And congratulations to Phil Ebner, that finished his course this week as well.
Phil did 7 consols today:-)

WElcome back to Steve, another skydive holidays in Spain.

Congratulations to our instructor Darren and Anne, just married:-)

John Morgan is also back to finish his consols, he did his course with Us 2 months

Dave Wilkinson, FFU graduated last month is also back for fun jumps, here is toggle
giving him a gear check.

Welcome to Jason Mohr, ready for his level 1.

Jason’s brother, Luke Mohr is going up in the load for his level 1 as well.

The boys….. Phil, Jamie and Chris.

James Meen is about to do his level 7 with Jane.

Neil Bate is back…..