Welcome to Jamie, from London, he is coming along with 2 friends that are doing
the AFF Course with us this week.

Luke Mohr and his brother (bellow) Jason Mohr arrived today and went traigh to Gs.

Jasom Mohr.

First lesson : equipment, here is where you learn all you need about your rig.

WElcome back to Michael Brock, Micahel did his course with us last month and this time
he is visiting us just for fun jumping with his wife Lucie (pictured bellow)

Lucie here having a gear check from Jane just before she bords the plane.

Welcome to darren Croll, Darren arrived yesterday and did his GS with Darren.

James Meen, also did his GS yesterday and today he is ready for his 1st jump with_
Jane and Ryan as instructors.

get to work boys….

Drew Moon and Jamie ready for a 2 way.

2011 World wing suit competition in Gap will meet for the 1st time one of our team
Turbo Dogs:-), Hugo, Patrick and Jose, Spain and England go to France now.

Euan Smith his doing his AFF Course with us this week.