Welcome to Shae Karringten from Australia, she join us for an AFF COurse.

Thank you all so much for making my time the unforgettable and the best holiday i’ve ever had.
I knew it would be awesome but i never knew just how awesome the feelings would be. Jane, Mike
and Darren were amazing instructors even after i passed by helping me with tips and answering
all my questions no matter how silly they seemed. Also with the help of Ryan, Steve, Andy,
Mike Shepard, Callum, Ernesto and of course yourself giving me guidance on my canopy
control and useful tips, i managed to pull of 30 jumps within 7 days and feel confident
within my ability to progress within the sport safely.

Welcome back to Bjornar AAdland from Norway, he did his course with us last month
And now he’s back to finish his consols and fun jump in the sun.

The new team is almost completed:-)

Lets gooooo girls……