Stop falling , start flying! .. Team ” Fly like a brick were team training with us
today. The dropzone is home to several teams getting ready for the Gap
championships. We also will have sponsored teams in the championships
but more about that later!

Alan and Jeremy graduated  their AFF yesterday and  did 5 consol jumps
today so far:-)

Welcome to Peter , who works in the forces. He is has joined us to complete
the AFF Course.

Peter training his exit positons with Darren . Did you know that years ago
Peters Instructor , Darren was an AFF student in this school. We think its pretty
cool that a lot of our staff are students who trained with us over the last 10

Tom after another consol skydive. Hes been on pretty much every student load..

Matt, Howard and Andy, FFU Graduated May. Sun goes down and then its a few
well deserved beers in the dropzone bar!

Welcme back to Rob who is an airline  Pilot he will be doing his FS1 course

Alan, Stephanie and Tom ,. Graduated yesterday and are pictured here with
Paula.. its me who answers the phone to you when you call!

Peter, who arrived yesterday evening  to learn to skydive has completed the
AFF ground school and

A big welcome back to Charlie, he is doing his Fs1 tomorrow with Mike,
good to ahve you back Charlie.