Alan Charlesworth doing his level 4 at the moment, he’s a tree surgeon in the

Stephanie Cade all consols done, now working on her CH1.

Charlie is visiting just for one day, currently visiting Madrid in work.

Welcome back to Andy Chappell, he’s visiting us to complete our AFF Course.

Ashley Davies, started his course yesterday, he’s on level 4 today, and doing well so far.

With that smile looks like is pass.Level 5 next!

Howard Hull is here to get his AFF course completed.

Welcome back to Jeremy Parnell, also here to complete his AFF course.

Loishas also joined us to learn to skydive.

Tom Cave, here with Darren just getting ready for his level 3.

Ashley after another landing today, level 4 done.

Welcome back to Matt Chappell, he is learning to skydive with his father Andy..
He is also proudly wearing his Manchester United t shirt collection much to the 
chagrin of the few Barcelona fans that have somehow snook onto the dropzone :)